10 Shocking Serial Killers in Our History

Serial killing has been there since time in memorial. These killers normally kill by a brutal way and do not shy away from killing their victims. We have compiled a list of top 10 shocking serial killers in the world.

10. Javed Iqbal 

Serial Killer

Next in our list of serial killers, is a Pakistani serial killer known as Javed Iqbal Mughal. This man was purported to have killed more than one hundred boys before he was finally caught. Initially, he was charged for abusing young boys sexually in 1998 but was later on released on bail. Subsequently, he would just stand on the road and charm small boys and sometimes men to follow him. He would then drug them before raping them. After finishing up with his business, he would spray their body remains with hydrochloric acid and then dump them in public sewers. It was shocking when he confessed to have killed more than 100 boys at the time of his trying. He said this, “my name is Javed Igbal who has killed 100 children”.

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