8 Most Amazing Moments of Brazil’s 2014 World Cup

Football 2022 is just around the corner but before its start we want to share the most amazing moments of Brazils 2014 world cup.

As football is one of the sports which is liked by many people so, there were thousands of people present to enjoy Brazil’s world cup 2014 and they enjoyed the amazing moments happened there.

Amazing Moments of Brazil’s 2014 World Cup

We have gathered the information of the amazing facts so that the people who hadn’t seen the world cup live can know about it. Below is the list of 8 amazing moments of Brazil’s world cup 2014:

8. Axelle Despiegelaere Wins the Modelling Contract

The life of 17 years old girl was abruptly changed after her picture was circulated on the social media as she got the attention of the famous modelling agency while she was supporting her team Belgium in world cup 2014.

Axelle Despiegelaere was quite happy after receiving much appreciation from all over the world even her Facebook page got more than 314K likes and she is one of the most famous icons now a days on social media.

After coming back to Belgium, she launched her Facebook page and started getting likes very quickly. After launching her Facebook page, she was approached by a modelling agency and helped her to sign a contract with an international brand company L’Oreal.

After signing the contract, the L’Oreal announced that company is no longer in a contract with this girl as she has violated the terms and conditions after updating a following status on her Facebook page

“Hunting is not a matter of life or death. It’s much more important than that. This was about 1 year ago…ready to hunt Americans today haha.”

This event became the most amazing and shocking moment of Brazil’s world cup 2014.

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7. Worst Defeat of Brazil 7-1 Against Germany

It is very hard to believe that 3 people from all over the world already put their money on an amazing victory of Germany with the specific number of goals 7-1 and win the handsome amount after finishing the match in world cup 2014. The question is that how did they know before the starting of the match that it is going to be a result of 7-1 with defeating sign of Brazil which was favourite before this match.

The bookmakers were quite shocked that it is very difficult for a person to put a bet on a very critical match which was the Semi Final between Germany and Brazil world cup 2014. Most of the people were expecting the defeat of Germany but at the end of the match, the result was quite shocking and Germany made the history by defeating the Brazil in world cup 2014 with 7-1 and set a new world record. It also helped three “Punters” to earn hot cash.

6. Luis Suarez Suspended for Biting Another Player

This is the most shocking and amazing moment of Brazil’s world cup 2014 where a Uruguay player and striker Luis Suarez was suspended for months after biting another player in the ground while playing the live match. The match was between Uruguay and Italy at Natal where the Luis Suarez was caught for biting Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini and later on Uruguay won that match with 1-0 in world cup 2014.

This incident took millions of views over the internet within a day after this match. Giorgio Chiellini removed his shirt and showed the red mark to the Mexican referee. After that Luis Suarez had to pay the price and suspended for 9 games, 4 months.

5. A Brazilian Fan Dies of Heart Attack in a Live Match

We can say that this one is not amazing but the shocking incident took place in Brazil’s world cup 2014. The match was playing between Brazil and Chille when a sudden incident took place and a 69 years old man lost his life due to heart attack while watching the penalty shootout. The man who had lost his life was not feeling well and he was taken to the hospital before the starting of the match but soon he returned to the stadium for watching the match and for supporting his team but he lost his life during the match.

The match was quite intense and at the end of the Brazil won the world cup 2014 match with the help of penalty kicks, the results came 3-2 in the favor of Brazil. According to the Health Officials of Brazil, more than 97 people were treated during this intense match.

4. A Man Proposes his Girl Friend

Did u hear anyone who has proposed his girlfriend by putting money to an advertisement commercial during a live football match?

The commercial was played between a match of USA vs Portugal which was a high-profile game. The duration of this ad was 30 second where a man Nick Bastress proposed his girlfriend and promised that he will love her till the last breath of his life.

3. First Goal of 2014 Brazil World Cup was an own Goal

Is this amazing? This is the only single incident in the history of football world cup which was happened during the Brazil’s world cup 2014 where the first goal was an own goal and do you know who was responsible for this goal? It’s Marcelo.

That goal was the most dramatic goal in this world cup 2014 where in the 11th minute after starting the world cup, the Brazilian player Marcelo had done a mistake and made an own goal.

2. A Giant Insect Landed on James Rodriguez’s Arm

The most handsome and top scorer of world cup 2014, James Rodriguez had a giant insect landed on his right shoulder after scoring a goal against Brazil but Colombia lost the match with 2-1.

1. The worst opening ceremony of Brazil’s 2014 World Cup

Brazilian official was failed to give a best and amazing opening ceremony of Brazil’s world cup 2014. That is why this is included in the category of most amazing moments of world cup 2014.

Above written are the 9 most amazing things which happened in the Brazil’s world cup 2014 and the details are gathered for the sports lovers. You can get the information and can know about other amazing things happened in the world on our website.

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