Ever wondered what’s creeping around in the Deepest Parts of the Gulf of Mexico

If you have any interest in the marine life and the species that are living thousands of feet down in water, you must know that the answers are going to be bigshocking for you to watch.

For the love of marine life and exploration regarding the different types surviving deep in the Gulf of Mexico a mission was conducted in December 2017 by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to capture the beauty of the unseen species in pictures.

The crew on board the Okeanos Explorer plotted the seafloor over 6,500 feet below sea level. In the result of this mission many amazing pictures have been captured that have not been witnessed by a common person ever.

These are pictures of some of the amazing marine species taken during the mission:

1. Looped tip of Bamboo Coral

During their mission NOAA’s divers got this picture of spiral tip of bamboo coral growing out of seafloor deposit. This nature’s eye-catching beauty is fount thousands of feet under water. This beauty must be breath taking when experienced live.

2. A condensed Community of Sea Stars

This amazing picture captured by NOAA’s team shows how amazingly these sea stars have made this rock their home and gathered on it in a calm and quiet manner.

3. A Sea Toad

While on their hunt of this marine life photography under the Gulf of Mexico NOAA’s team came across this sea toad apparently on the seafloor at 2,428 feet (740 meters), no common human have experienced to have this sight normally.

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4. A Spider Crab and a Giant Isopod

This is a very interesting picture captured while a spider crab takes a ride on a giant isopod; this picture is a proof that life is fun for these marine creatures deep down under the Gulf of Mexico away from pollution cased by humans.

5. A Comb Jellyfish (ctenophore)

The beauty if this comb jellyfish is admirable in the picture to an extent that it will literally make you wonder how it must have looked right in front of you swimming above the seafloor.

6. A Coronate Medusa

This seems like such a joy full experience watching a medusa bumping with the seafloor. For the people who have love for water creatures, this must be blissful. For them getting a chance to have a look at all these on the screens of their laptops is convenient, when NOAA’s team might have struggled a lot to capture them.

7. A Cusk Eel

This cask eel is a spellbinding creature to have a look on but for that you need to go at 5,200 feet (1,585 meters), yes that’s exactly where this was seen in Gulf of Mexico.

8. Snake Star and Sea Stars

This interesting image shows some snake stars looped with some coral and larger, spiky sea stars. This image might be disturbing for some viewers but a beauty of the underworld to be admired.

9. A Colonial Tuscarorid Phaeodarean

This image is of a colonial tuscarorid phaeodrean which was captured during the mission the beauty of this image is praiseworthy how it feeds on marine snow and looks completely marvelous.

All these pictures are incredible and worthy off all appreciation that a lot of effort was put together to capture theses. It’s all big shocking and we are happy to bring it to you.

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