Top 10 Titanic Ship Facts That You Don’t Know

10. Silver Screen Star Survives

One of the shocking titanic ship facts was the survival of the silver screen start. Back in the times silent movies were in the fashion basically, in those days Dorothy Gilbson was of one the very famous man who worked with the individuals like Charlie Chaplin. In 1992 on April 11 the movie “The Lucky Hold up” became a blockbuster hit. Dorothy Gibson was the first call passenger on the ship and one can might say that it was her fate or destiny that she was the only one who survive amongst the 1500 individuals who were also in the ship, she survived to tell the story of this ship.

After some days the shooting of the movie named “Saved from the titanic” begin and she was supposed to work in the movie as it makes the movie more realistic and fantabulous which covered many titanic ship facts, in the shooting of the movie she wore the same clothes as she had worn on the ship. When the movie was released, she earned a lot of fame from it.

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