Top 8 Fattest Man in the World

So far you have seen Flash in movies. What if I tell you Flash-like people exist in real life? Check these 8 fastest men in the world.

Food is something that every individual love to have on daily basis. People love to experience different cuisines in the mission to get the best for their lifestyle. In general, food is good; it acts as a sign of unity as people tend to come together during meal time and it also makes people feel complete.

Fattest Man in the World

However, food especially junk food can become dangerous as it might make our bodies gain extra pounds which we might not even be able to carry by ourselves. Below is a list of top 10 fattest man in the world and heaviest people in the world.

8. Dzhambik Khatokhov (324 lbs.)

DzhambikKhatokhov is an 11-year-old boy from Russia. Though he weighed only 6.61bs at birth, but upon attaining the age of one he became the fattest man in the world and was weighing 281bs. At the age of three, he was able to lift a 7-pound load and weighed 811bs.

The doctors advised the family to put the boy on a diet of ice cream and porridge. However, her mother objected the idea suggesting that the boy was a gift from God and his growth should not be interrupted. Currently, he weighs around 324 pounds, measures 5’2 tall and arguably the fattest man in the world.

7. Paul Mason (336 lbs.)

Paul Mason, 50, lives in England and was at one point considered the fattest man in the world. He decided to undergo a gastric bypass surgery and, in the process, lost around 560 1bs.

He is remembered to have blamed British National Health Service for not granting him permission to a specialist for eating disorders when he was weighing over 4001bs.

6. Manuel Uribe (400 lbs.)

Manuel Uribe was born in 1965 and was said to be suffering from morbid obesity when he was found to be weighing 1,320 1bs. Since the year 2001, he found it difficult to get out of his bed.

The doctors did a good job on him and helped him lose a third of his weight. During this period, he frequently featured on different platforms as the fattest man in the world. Since then, he has been on the mission of losing weight and he currently weighs 200kg.

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5. Michael Hebranko (550 lbs.)

Michael was born in 1953 and has since been known to be the fattest man in the world. He spent time in St. Luke’s Hospital, New York, and was able to shed extra weight.

His 910 1bs weight dropped to 2001bs. At the same time, his waist was reduced from 110 inches to just 36 inches within a period of 2 years. During this time of shedding extra weight, he used to do exercises on a regular basis and he has since been moving around the world advocating for exercises in order to reduce weight.

4. Patrick Deuel (570 lbs.)

Born on March 28, 1962, Patrick Deuel was once the fattest man in the world. He took part in the documentary duped “Half Ton man’’ and through this documentary, he was able to lose 7001bs. He used to work on a restaurant but because of his astronomical weight, he was unable to get out of his house.

He in fact became the fattest man in the world that the door leading to his bedroom had to be cut off in order to get him out. He once underwent an operation to remove extra weight that was hanging on midsection.

3. Jon Brower Minnoch (798 lbs.)

His weight was 14001bs; Jon was known to add extra weight as years passed by and started with 4001bs. He kept on adding around 3001bs every year.

There came a point where ten men were required in order to roll him over his bed whenever he wanted to make a turn. Although suffering from this challenge of being the fattest man in the world, he married and was blessed with two children.

2. Kenneth Brumley (1035 lbs.)

Kenneth Brumley was once the fattest man in the world to have ever been documented. He featured on “Half Ton Man’’ documentary and confessed to have stuck in his house for four years.

Before he shed extra pounds through a gastric bypass, he had at one point got taken out of his compound by breaking his compound wall. He currently weighs 1035 1bs.

1. Robert Earl Hughes

Robert was born on June 1926 and died in July 1958. During his time, he was considered the fattest man in the world. It was thought that his super weight was due to his malfunctioning pituitary gland.

At some time, his chest measured 3.15 meters and his body weight was 486 kilos. When he was six years old, he was still weighing a whole 92 kilos. At the age of ten he was weighing 171 kilos. By the time he died, he weighed just over a half ton. At this time of dead, Robert was still the fattest man on the world.

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