10 Amazing Fish Markets in the World

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Eating fish regularly is good for health as it contains nutrition which is best for the human body like fish is being rich in protein, vitamins and minerals which are necessary or very important for the individuals to maintain good health.

Amazing Fish Markets in the World

There are many advantages of eating fishes, while there are some disadvantages too but for the lovers of fishes and seafood’s here is the information about top ten fish markets around the world.

10. Tsukiji Fish Market

Fish Market

Tsukiji is the biggest and one of the most amazing fish markets in the whole world, it also sells fresh sea food for the individuals who are fond of eating these things. Tsukiji is also the market where all kind of food is available on whole sale rates; this market is actually located in Central Tokyo which attracts the foreign individuals so much. It is the world second largest whole sale market which sells five million pounds of sea food and fresh fishes every day. Except Sundays this market is open on all days in a week, and this market imports from 60 countries on six continents. This market is the most busiest and populated from 5.30 am to 8.00 am.

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