10 Most Chilling Stories of Modern Day Cannibalism

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Cannibalism is not a common thing among the people; it mostly associated with carnivore animals. However, some people have gone as far as eating their own parts of the body because of various reasons.

Modern Day Cannibalism

The following are 10 most chilling stories of modern day cannibalism.

10. Japanese Man Cooked His Genitals

One of the most shocking facts of cannibalism is the story of a Japanese man who had his genitals cut off and seasoned before cooking them for 5 paying party guests.

The Japanese man and his genitals

A 22 year old Mao Sugiyama is asexual and he voluntarily underwent surgery to have his genitals removed. Shockingly, he ordered to be given his frozen penis and scrotum and took them home. He then cooked them for his dinner party guests who were charged $250 person in order to take part in the meal in Japan.

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