10 Most Shocking Statistics of Deaths of All Time

For every beginning there is an end, every human being and all other living creature have to leave. Death is a natural phenomenon and occurs in number of ways, cancer, accidents and other disease are few bizarre deaths forms among several.

10 Most Shocking Statistics of Deaths of All Time

Death because of falling from bed or biting from ants is some astonishing and bizarre deaths forms to believe. Before going further, find out the Unluckiest Moments Caught On Camera. This article is with full of astonishing bizarre deaths in 2014 factors, which will leave you in doubt.

10. Texting while Driving Increase 23% Chances of Crash

Each month more than 18.5 billion texts are exchanged. Texting while driving is not a new thing, as per reports 77% people admit that they used to texting during driving, the original number may exceed.

The reports further revealed that more than 200,000 vehicle crashes are linked to texting every year and was a cause of deaths in 2014. So, we should be careful while driving and try to avoid mobile using as much as possible.

9. Keep Yourself Away from Sharks

If you are planning to go for vacations and including sea trip in your plan, then make sure that keep yourself safe from sharks and other sea creatures.

More than 40 people each year die because of shark’s attacks and it is also a reason of deaths in 2014. If you want to avoid bizarre deaths then enjoy your vacations by planning some road trips, deserts, hills or any other vacation spot.

8. Donkeys Cause more Deaths then Plane Crash

The most bizarre deaths are by donkey’s attack. Have you ever considered donkeys such harmful animal? It will leave a jaw dropping effect on you when you came to know that donkeys cause more deaths then than the number of plane crash’s death.

So, next time when you see donkey, don’t be afraid but just try to keep yourself away as much as you can.

7. 450 People Died by Falling from Bed

This factor of death is famous among the most bizarre deaths and little bit funny. After reading this some of us might avoid to sleep on bed.

The report published by center for disease control states that falling out of bed now exceeds 1.8 million in number who visited emergency room, and 400 thousand beds occupied in hospitals are the cases of bed falling. It is also a reason of deaths in 2014.

In these bizarre deaths, there is no role of age, number of cases are registered of youngsters falling from bed but it was the fact that if the person above then 65 years, he/she may lead to some serious issue if falls from bed.

6. Don’t Stand Under the Coconut Tree

Have you ever seen the death of a person by falling coconut? Maybe you have if you quite often to visit these spots.

Studies tell us that the fallen coconut from 80 ft high tree, hits the ground with the speed of 50km/h, and if anyone comes in the range of that fallen coconut, surely, he/she ends up in the emergency room. It seems little bit funny but surely you can’t ignore these bizarre deaths in 2014 factor.

5. Over eating may lead you to death

Avoidance of over eating is necessary not just to keep in shape, or to avoid extra calories, it is something more serious. More than 3 lac death cases have been registered in America because of Obesity and it is also a cause of many deaths in 2014.

So, next time when you were in any party eat like gentleman to avoid these bizarre deaths in 2014 factor with yourself.

4. Avoid sleeping in garden

We heard that one should try to avoid sleep in the garden, have you ever thing why people avoid sleeping in garden? This globe is with full of living creature and ants are among the smallest one which can be seen by naked eyes. We never threatened by this small creature, neither any one of us have any fear from ants.

But we have to consider the fact that there are more than 280 species of ants that can kill a person; even a healthy person can be included in their prey.

We can say that killing by ants is the most bizarre death factor you have ever read or seen. To avoid this bizarre death factor, you have to stay away from ants because surely you are unaware of their specie.

Over 280 million ants can kill the person, from these 280 million species and fire ants are considered as the deadliest ones normally found in Africa. The living of these ants is unique from others and their colonies are the big factor of their strength.

These ants live in colonies up to 20 million ants and if they attack any one, they can easily over power. The mostly bizarre death cases by ant biting are linked to person fall asleep near an ant hill.

So, next time if you are planning to take some rest just give a look on the ground and change your place immediately if you found any sign of ant hills as it is the reason of some deaths in 2014.

3. Mosquito- Biggest killer

It sounds like impossible but different studies and reports simply shows that this small size flies are named as biggest killer in the planet.

The reports from health organization further reveal some more bizarre facts, every year more than 1 million death are cause by mosquito bite as many deaths in 2014.

More than 450 million malaria cases were registered as per the statics in every 30 sec a child die from malaria. So, next time don’t forget to apply medicated moisture on your body to avoid end up such bizarre death.

2. Be Careful While in Roller

High precautionary measures and standard equipment reduces the risk of any injury in roller coaster but still there are several cases register related to this ride.

The popularity of costal ride can be judge by its high use; in US more than 900 million people take ride per day. Injury ratio against such a great number is 1 in 124,000 riders.

Studies show that from 1994 to 2004, there were 40 death cases were registered in total related to roller coaster. So don’t worry, show some faith in their high-class equipment and high standard precautionary measures.

1. Vending Machine Count more than 13 People/Year

It was estimated that in the past deaths caused by the result of vending machine shaking are more in than 13 people per year. Shaking of vending machine may lead to some very serious issues or even death.

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