12 Unluckiest Moments Caught On Camera 2022

What comes into your mind when you hear of unluckiest moments caught in camera? Everyone has directly or indirectly been involved in unlucky moments once in his or her lifetime. It could be an accident involving a vehicle, a bicycle, or it could be any form of accident when playing your normal sporting activity.

12 Unluckiest Moments Caught On Camera 2022

In most cases, unlucky moments happen without the knowledge of anyone and therefore it comes in a surprise. We only come to hear of such incidences when they are reported in the news and we are only shown the aftermath of the accident or occurrence.

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It is very hard to actually be able to record all the happenings right from the beginning to the end. This can shock you! In this article you will see 12 unluckiest moments caught on camera.

12. Caught by the bull

This man seems to like he was playing with this bull and now was trying to escape the bull through the fence after being overwhelmed by the bull. But, it is like this bull actually caught him before he escaped and unfortunately threw him into the air so as to kill him. This man almost died had it not for his friends who helped him.

Unluckiest Moments Caught by the bull

Some of these sports are really dangerous since bull like this one can cause havoc to the players. Some of the players have been reported to have been disabled and others end up dying. (image source)

11. Poked by the bird

Poked by the bird -Unluckiest Moments Caught

This moment seems to be of those unluckiest moments caught on cameras that will haunt most people for ever. The lady in this picture seems be enjoying with her lover on the boat, but unfortunately a bird came and poked her eyes confusing it with food. (image Source)

10. Angry birds

Birds are fun to watch and rear. But what is the hell on this moment? These birds seem to be angry and vented their anger on this parked car.

Angry birds - Unluckiest Moments Caught

Whether this was deliberate or bad luck due to misplaced identity by this bird nobody knows. The fact is that this bird was hungry and wanted to get food at all costs. (image source)

9. Rainy day

Nobody really doesn’t like rain. Rain is good for many reasons in our lives. Nothing could be surviving were it not for rain. But look at this act caught on camera? Wouldn’t you call it one of the unluckiest moments caught on camera?

Unluckiest Moments Caught - Rainy day

The man was passing by the road without noticing the dangers he was facing after a heavy downfall. A car came from behind and unfortunately hit a boat hole full of rain water smashing the hell on the man. (image source)

8. Dislocated wheel

Though this man never died, this incident is probably one of the unluckiest moments caught on camera. This young man was enjoying his normal ride without knowing that the front wheel on his motorcycle was about to get dislocated.

Unluckiest Moments Caught - Dislocated wheel

He actually survived the ordeal but was really injured. The good thing with his accident is that he was able to few his accident later as it was caught on camera. (image source)

7. Caught in- between two locking doors!

This lady seems to like she was attempting to alight from a train, but she was late in making a move. The doors were closing when she attempted to get out, but gosh!

Unluckiest Moments

She got trapped by the closing doors and was crying, help! Help! This is indeed one of the most unlucky moments caught on camera to date. (image source)

6. Car or boat ?

What do you see in this picture? Is it a car or a boat? If you were wondering of unlucky moments caught on camera, then this is one of them. This car was parked outside a restaurant just like others.

Unluckiest Moments

However, the unfortunate happened as the ground where this car was parked sunk together with the car. People were baffled by this incident as it made the car to appear like a sailing boat on the ocean. (image source)

5. Unlucky Ram

Really sad! This ram here seems to have been caught on camera as it got trapped by a life electricity wire. What would you expect of this incidence? Bad news or good new?

Unluckiest Moments

Live electric wires are really dangerous and if both humans and animals are not careful, an injury and even death can happen. (image source)

4. Unlucky Cow

This cow was trying to penetrate its head under a fence so as to graze over the other side. But what do you think happened? The cow got what it deserved! Double tragedy.

Unluckiest Moments

It got trapped under in between the ground and the fence, and to make matters worse the bull came calling. The bull got into cow mating without taking into consideration the dangers that cow was subjected. (image source)

3. Overturned Bicycle

This man was enjoying biking his bicycle but could not help himself when his emergency brakes overturned the bicycle throwing the man on the ground.

Unluckiest Moments

Biking can be both exciting and some can sometimes be dangerous. This man looks to have been enjoying his ride not knowing the danger that was lying a head for him. (image source)

2. Football Player

This man was caught on camera crying! What? You’ve hit me on my privates! It looks to be so painful, and indeed this is definitely one of the unluckiest moments caught on camera?

Unluckiest Moments

If there is one thing a football player likes to protect, then it’s his private parts. However, this player looks to be unlucky after being caught by his opponent on his privates. (image source)

1. A Ball or Polythene Bug

This player seemed to be happily playing football until when the ball burst up while trying to head it away. His fate was this! Among the unluckiest moments caught on camera.

Unluckiest Moments

Playing football is normally something players enjoy doing, but sometimes it becomes weird when an unthinkable thing happen when a player is about to execute a move or take a shot. This scenario looks funny indeed that sometimes you might think the burst ball is just a polythene paper. (image source)

Above given is the information of the unluckiest moments caught on camera and from here, you can also get the information which is mazing of shocking. You can also know about some facts from our website.

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