10 Most Shocking Cases of Anorexia 2022

Ever heard a person die of overeating? I hope you haven’t but there are people who died. Here are the 10 shocking cases of anorexia.

Anorexia is a serious mental disorder in which individuals agitated to keep their body weight as low as possible. It is an eating disorder in which people keep their body weight as low as possible. People with this disorder have a tendency of limiting the amount of food they eat and like to vomit, exercise regularly in order to slim.

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10 Most Shocking Cases of Anorexia 2022

Below here are the top 10 most shocking anorexia cases in the world.

10. Lauren Bailey

Lauren Bailey was a 26 year old woman who could walk up to 12 hours a day due to anorexia. Due to this walking, she dropped 3 and ½ stones and has since been battling to get back to normal health.

Lauren Bailey

She got to a stage where she almost died after her weight dropped to that of a 5-year old child.

9. The Twin Doctors

The twin doctors are daughters of two distinguished writers. At age of 20, the girls found themselves competing against each other. According to their parents, the twins have spent most of their entire life in and out of recovery clinics due to their anorexia disorder.

The Twin Doctors

The twins are so thin that you cannot think that they are adults. The parents continue to claim that the twins seem not to get over their disorder. Once they get out of recovery clinic, they then start their slimming competition.

8. Jeremy Gillitzer

Jeremy Gillitzer was once known for his stunning looks and a 6-pack modeling. However, most people never knew that despite of his great appearance; Jeremy was fighting anorexia for most of his adult life.

Jeremy Gillitzer

He started to engage in self-induced vomiting, chronic starvation and relentless exercises; to a point his body was just nothing. He died in 2010 at the age of 38, weighing only 66 pounds.

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7. Rebecca

Rebecca is a 26-year old mom who you can simply mistake with her daughter Maisy, 7. She has been suffering from anorexia for most of her life, making herself tiny that even clothes for young daughter can fit her.

Rebecca is a 26-year old mom

In fact, the woman weighs few pounds more than her 7-year old daughter. According to her, wearing the same clothes with her daughter is a sense of pride to her.

6. Dolly Jenison’s Daughter-Ruth

Dolly Jenkinson, a mother of an anorexic daughter cannot recall properly when her daughter, Ruth developed anorexia. Ruth, 17, developed an eating style that once almost killed her.

Dolly Jenison’s Daughter-Ruth

Thanks to her mother, who has spent most of her time accompanying Ruth to all the places she goes to ensure she eats as expected. Above all, her mother has even been signing documents on behalf of Ruth in order to be hospitalized with the move of beating this condition.

5. The Uruguayan Sister Models

There was lots of sorrow in the world of fashion when it was reported that Eliana Ramos-Uruguay model had died a few months after her model sister, Luisel had died of anorexia.

Eliana Ramos Luisel Ramos

Ramos was confirmed dead immediately after stepping out of a runway during a fashion show held in Montevideo. The sisters were both models and were expected to attend a cut-walk show the same night Luisel died. Reports from the hospitals showed that the two died due to underweight.

4. Baumann

Baumann, 48, and a mother of two struggled with a condition known as pregorexia when she became pregnant. She never minded about the well-being of her unborn baby as she hardly ate. Now living in Laguna Niguel in Calif, Bauma developed anorexia during her times in high school.

Baumann, 48

However, when she got married, the condition became worse. She could run, bike for hours, play volleyball even did cardio for an hour and half in order to shed some extra weight on her body. She later got admitted at a health center in Arizona and got treated. She currently hails a normal life together with her two daughters.

3. Isabelle Caro

Caro started to suffer from anorexia since she was 13 years old.

Isabelle Caro

She accepted to be photographed so that her pictures could be used for a campaign against this condition. At the time of her pictures, she weighed a partly 32kg.

2. Hayley Wilde

Harley Wilde became so skeletal that doctors warned her only one week before finally dying. She spent 8 years battling her anorexia condition until she got to a point of normal life. She later on got pregnant and gave birth to a normal son, Michael.

Hayley Wilde

Her son was born with normal health weight, 71b 14oz, a thing that would have been a dream when she was at her lowest ebb. This condition started to attack her while she was only 11 years old. Despite her frame being 5ft 7in, she got to a point of weighing a paltry 5st 1oz-forcing doctors to warn her against an imminent death if this continued for a maximum 10 days. However, she never died because doctors ensured she put on some weight which made her to survive death. She is currently hailing a normal life after beating this condition through several visits to hospital.

1. The bride-to-be, Kate Puncher

Kate Puncher was suffering from anorexia and became so tiny that she could not fit adult dresses. She survived this mess when her boyfriend bought her a larger dress and ordered her to put on weight until she could fit in that dress.

The bride-to-be, Kate Puncher

In fact, her boyfriend put this condition of gaining more weight as a pre-requisite for her to be married by him. She later confessed that, the condition put on her by her boyfriend, Barry was frightening but because she loved him she was ready to do anything to get married to him.

Above written is the information of some people who suffered from Anorexia and these are the most shocking cases. You can also read some amazing and shocking things happened in the world on our website.

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