10 Most Extremely Modified People (Lizard Man)

Have you seen a lizard man in a spider man movie? No? Then you must check these people who went through extreme modifications to become a lizard man.

Body modification is gaining momentum as millions and millions of people rush to their tattoo specialists for a body medication. However, the whole story has gone a notch higher as some people have gone into extreme body medication, making them look completely different.

Most Extremely Modified People

The lizard man is one of the commonest examples of people with extreme body modifiers. Below are the top 10 most extremely modified people.

10. The Lizard Man

For sure there are interesting animals in the world that you can probably choose to resemble them. Eric Sprague is a man from Austin, Texas, and now is commonly known as the lizard man because of his resemblance to the lizard. Eric had to undergo a bizarre body modification in which his tongue was split into two and his entire body heavily tattooed to like a lizard.

Above all, he had his teeth sharpened like fangs while his earlobes and septum stretched. He spends most of his time basking on the rock, or at times he spends his time performing on freak show. He also moves around the world to show off his sword-swallowing and fire-eating skills to people.

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9. The Enigma

Just like the lizard man, the enigma is also the media star man. He severally appeared on Penn &Teller and The X-Files shows.

He normally acts on `the Kiss of Death’ show, on which he put an apple in his mouth before cutting its end off with a chainsaw. He also lights his partner’s cigarette using power tools as well as sticking a needle in his eye.

8. Bear Big Ears

One of the most fascinating things with Daryl Belmares is his massive ear-lobes. In fact, these ear-lobes are so big that he can even wrap them around his face. He has literally found it fun to stretch that part of the body that most of us do not do much with it.

His ears contain 14-centimetre holes, making them the world’s largest earlobes. He, like the lizard man has taken body piercing as a profession and is working in this industry for the past 30 years. He sees his business as being spiritual and compares it with the role played by shaman in other cultures.

7. The Hawaiian Mutant

Though looking muted, Kala Kaiwi’s face is nothing but man-made. Most of Kaiwi’s body is covered with tattoos and above all it contains 70-odd piercings, a split tongue, numerous silicone implants in the face and finally his nostrils and ear-lobes are greatly stretched.

Contrary to other body modifiers like lizard man, Kaiwi has gone a notch higher and had metal spikes pinned into the top of his skull. It is thought that Kaiwi took the decision to look that way due to an inspiration he got from his indigenous Hawaiian culture.

6. Catman

Dennis Avner, a Native American was commonly referred as Catman because of his resemblance to a cat. Like the lizard man, Dennis also took his love for a cat to a new level.

He in fact did extensive tattooing on his body and at the same time had numerous piercings, ears surgically pointed, implants which enabled him to wear whiskers, his teeth sharpened and more implants that enabled him change the shape of his face. This was all for his love to cats.

5. Etienne Dumont

Just like the lizard man, Etienne Dutmont, a man from Geneva has body covered with lots of tattoos. Above all, he has big rings on each ear-lobe, silicon implants like horns on his forehead, and Plexiglas piercings through his nose and lips.

The 60-year old man had his own photography exhibited in 2008 at the Krisal gallery as a way of justifying his well published reputation as “a living art’’.

4. The Zebra Man

Horace Ridler was mostly known for his professional freak and sideshow performance. In order to look like a zebra, an animal of which he got his stage name-the zebra man, Horace tattooed his entire body in white and black stripes.

As a way of accentuating his tats, the zebra man wore nail polish and black lipstick. Before he died in 1969, the zebra man revealed that he was such a simple man. Indeed, this revelation can be compared to the lizard man who is also simple in spite of his frightening look.

3. The Illustrated Lady

It is a bit amusing when you read the story of Julia Gnuse. Centrally to people like lizard man and zebra man, Julia Gnuse was born with a rare condition known as porphyry. This condition made her skin to easily blister when exposed to sunlight resulting into scarring.

Her doctor advised her to do tattoos which resemble those scars on her body in order to cover the whole truth about her condition. Believe it or not, this trend slowly started to become an obsession for Julian who eventually did a 95% tattooing on her body. This percentage of tattooing was enough to earn Julian a place in the Guinness books of records.

2. Lucky Diamond Rich

Lucky Diamond Rich spent a whooping 1000 hours undergoing tattooing. He is covered in tats-including his skin between the toes, gums and ears, and even the eyelids.

He even went a notch higher by replacing all of his teeth with new shiny silver teeth. Not satisfied with this, Luck Diamond is doing something others like the lizard man and the zebra man have not done; he has embarked on a mission of having his black tattoos removed by white tattoos.

1. The Zombie Boy

Rick Genest is a Canadian model who is nicknamed Rico the Zombie or simply the Zombie boy. Just like the lizard man, the Zombie boy has also tattooed almost the entire of his body.

In fact, the Zombie boy is recorded in the Guinness books of records as a person with the most bones tattooed on his body (134), as well as a man with lots of insect tattoo on his body (176).

We have collected the above mentioned weird information of body modification for the people who want to know different and weird things. You can also get the shocking and amazing information from our website.

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