15 Coolest Nail Art Designs

Nail art has become a popular thing among boys and girls. Here are some of the coolest nail art designs that you shouldn’t miss.

Nail design has become a popular affair among the majority of female in the world. Nail painting has evolved to a level that even 3D shapes can be made. 3D nail paint can be made by quickly applying a mixture of paints over the nails and then creating the shape you want before the paint dries.

Coolest Nail Art Designs

When making nail art designs such as drawings, each part of the design is made separately in advance before being put together and glued to the nail chip. Does it sound crazy? Get some coolest nail art designs and choose a design that can suit your nails.

15. Troian Bellisario’s Feather Mani

Troian Bellisarios feather Mani is a super –cool design. Posted on Instagram by her, the nail design looks unique, cool and fantastic.

By no doubts, this design is among the coolest nail art designs.

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14. Kylie Jenner’s Black-and-Clear Mani

Kylie Jenner posted her black and clear Mani design on Instagram; the images were really amazing with edgy nails. She did the photo shooting during the Jenner’s fall Madden Girl campaign.

The presence of the blue streaks in her hair makes this design make the cut into the coolest nail art designs ever established.

13. Zendaya’s Superhero Talons

By no doubt, if you are a lover of cool nail art designs then you will definitely get obsessed with Zendaya’s mega superhero mani. There is nothing as amazing as having a pow and boom written across your nails.

Take a look and plan to make your nails look just as amazing as you ever thought.

12. Sarah Hyland’s CRAZY Coachella Nails

Looking for a combination of crazy and glitz? Sarah Hyland’s Coachella Nails is what you have been looking. This design is simply awesome.

11. All That Glitters

Are crazy about a golden mani that is perfect for prom? Cher Lloyd’s major golden mani is among such coolest nail art designs that fit the bill.

The gems on her bling finger are simply fantastic to look at.

10. Be Mine

We all love to look smart on our valentine days. Maria’s – ‘Be Mine’ consist of pretty hearts and lips, and when combined with a major glitter it makes an exciting look.

9. Neon, Naturally

While at the MTV Movie Awards, the stage was amazed when Chloe showered off neon-meets nail design. It is absolutely great to work trendy bold colors into your day-to-day looks.

These are the coolest nail art designs that you won’t like to miss to have once in your life-time.

8. Sparkly Black-And-Silver French Mani

The sparky Black and Silver Mani is such great nail art designs that you would definitely love to have on your fingers.

Nina Dobrev did well to match her mani to her sparkly silver and black dress to fit the 2014 People’s Choice Awards.

7. Mod about Manis

The ZooeyDeschanel- retro-inspired tips are very easy to recreate than you think! Immediately you have painted your nails white, you need to use a striker brush to draw a + (plus) sign in black.

From here, you are then required to fill in two of the boxes. Then dot black polka in the white squares and then apply a topcoat.

6. Bling Attack

Decorated in black and gold tips, Demi Lovato shone as bright as diamond.

This design is simply a fantastic combo of studs and foil flakes that makes an amazing look.

5. A Little Dotty

Chloe Grace’s little dotty proves that less is more when doing nail art design.

Her simplistic yet-chic mani is simply one of the coolest nail art designs that look perfect for all lovers of nail painting.

4. Edgy-Chic

Web Intern Kala’s combination of sparkly black polish with AvrilLavigne-Sally Hansen nail strips made this design to be one of the coolest art nail designs ever invented.

3. So Studly

Between the gradient, studs and talon shape, this nail design by Pink Nails is simply awesome. This is definitely among the coolest nail art designs that you wouldn’t want to probably like to miss on.

2. Gold on the Ceiling

There is little you can criticize between the sleek designs, gold glitter and rounded shape in Alicia’s nails.

The nail art designs on Alicia’s fingers are what every girl would want to have done on her fingers.

1. Serious Chevron

You will definitely love Sarah Hyland’s triangular half-moon mani if you have a look at it. This design makes Sarah to have a more structured look, so it makes her look amazingly great.

This is actually one of the coolest nail art designs that you will also love to ink on your nails.

All the above written information is of nail art designs and you can also get the information of many other shocking, amazing or weird things occurred all around the globe.

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