8 Most Bizarre Body Modifications of all Time

Body modification has become a hot thing in the world but there are some bizarre body modifications that no one in this world would like to try.

Are you tired of your boring body? There are many ways through which you can mutilate your body and become the way you want by Body modifications. Body modification has become a hot thing in the world as more and more people have recently modified their body to look awesome.

Most Bizarre Body Modifications of all Time

However, there are other body modifications that are so bizarre. Below are the top 8 bizarre body medications.

8. Tattoo Breast Implants

Through history, people have been doing body modifications on their bodies to look awesome by doing tattoos of skanky chicks and fake boobs. But if you look at what lane Jensen’s skanky chick tattoo, you will definitely get shocked. The idea here was to get this tattoo and then give it a breast implants, but the idea did not go as intended.

The implants on Lane were made out of silicon, making them to look like leg tittles; however, after a little period there was a growth of nipples on his calf. Astonishingly, within a period of few weeks, the nipples failed to grow further as his body produced excess lymphatic fluid against them.

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7. Corset Piercing

Piercing is meant to stab some holes in the back of a person and then later on lace them just like you do in shoes. These piercings are only temporal as they downgrade with time and become swollen, nasty and infected holes.

This nasty looking body modification for women are due to the fact that drilling holes on the back of a human being is not a good idea. According to latest research reports, you can have back holes on permanent basis if you are willing to go an extra mile and ensure you are fully healed from these holes.

6. Skull Implants

Have you ever been shocked by a strangely looking person with spikes on his head? It looks as though this is nasty but it is true that that some people have gone extra mile to do some form of body modifications that are really shocking and scary. The idea here is to have holes drilled on the head and then insert metal plugs though which spikes can be screwed.

The latest fashion of this tattoo is transdermal skull implants on which some metals are jammed into the bone in order to protect your brain from injuries from these metals. The only danger to this kind of tattoo is that there is no qualified person yet who can perform such an operation without causing injuries to your brain.

5. Arm Ears

Some body modifications are caused by some rare disorders but Stelios Arcadious’s arm ears were never caused by anything strange but were self-imposed.

He decided to look cool by implanting ears on his forearm. To make it worse, he often rolls up his sleeve such that people can see his arm ears. It is rumored that he is soon planning to implant a microphone to these ears such that people can hear what his ears are also hearing.

4. Subdermal Implants

Sub dermal implants are simply implants done beneath the skin and they are usually made from silicon or Teflon. In order to instill these implants, a glorified spatula is used to make a hole in your fresh before cramming an implant in there.

The only good thing with these types of body modifications is that you can choose any shape you ever wished to have in your skin. For instance you can wish to have a pair of brass knuckles or horse shoe.

3. Extraocular Implant

In this world of sexy looks, more and more people are trying to do some forms of body modifications that can make them look appealing to their potential partners. Some ladies would love to have cool boobs and other would love to have a sexy body figure.

However, for others inserting some cool tattoo in the eye may compensate the lack of beautiful body. Modern technology has just allowed that! You can have some shit tattoos inked to your eyeball and then look the way you wanted to be. However, this tattooing may become so strange to some onlookers who might think that you are suffering from some kind of disorder.

2. Magnetic Implants

You want have magnetic implants in your body? Thanks to industrious body modifications- the solution to that is reality. Nowadays it is possible to undergone an operation in which some magnetic implants can be implanted underneath your skin.

Once these magnetic implants are inserted, it is possible for you to pick any piece of decorative metal and attach it to your skin without any difficulty. This method also comes with an added bonus of having the ability to sense magnetic fields. In fact, those individuals who have had these magnetic implants are able to locate power transformers and can follow magnetic currents in cookware.

1. Genital Beading

It shocking that people have got to a point where even their private parts get modified to look the way they deem best. The act of ghostly body modifications was initially associated with satanic acts in the ancient days. But these acts have been followed up by modern day people who have gone as far as implanting beads into their genital body parts. In doing this, an artist will use a long needle or scalped to drill holes in the shaft of the penis.

On the other end, ladies can have beads inserted on the labia parts of their vaginas. The most commonly used materials in beading private parts of the body include small balls of silicone and titanium. Such materials are usually inserted into the incision which then gets closed up later on. In order for the needle to get in and out of the hole again and again, each bead requires two cuts to be done and then use a rod to jam the bead in place. You might be shocked as you will realize that the bead will be jammed somewhere underneath your junk’s skin.

We have gathered the above written information just for the individuals who are keen to get the knowledge of the weird happenings around the globe you can also get amazed and get shocked by the other information we have collected here on our website.

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