10 Most Chilling Stories of Modern Day Cannibalism

You shouldn’t miss these nail-biting, shocking, and chilling stories of modern-day cannibalism. You won’t believe it still exists.

Cannibalism is not a common thing among the people; it mostly associated with carnivore animals. However, some people have gone as far as eating their own parts of the body because of various reasons.

Most Chilling Stories of Modern-Day Cannibalism

The following are 10 most chilling stories of modern-day cannibalism.

10. Japanese Man Cooked His Genitals

One of the most shocking facts of cannibalism is the story of a Japanese man who had his genitals cut off and seasoned before cooking them for 5 paying party guests.

A 22-year-old Mao Sugiyama is asexual and he voluntarily underwent surgery to have his genitals removed. Shockingly, he ordered to be given his frozen penis and scrotum and took them home. He then cooked them for his dinner party guests who were charged $250 person in order to take part in the meal in Japan.

9. Australian Woman ate Her Ex-Husband

Another shocking story of cannibalism was reported back in 200, when an Australian woman stabbed her ex-husband with a butcher’s knife 37 times before skinning his body.

She then hung his hide from a meat hook in the house. Subsequently, she decapitated his body and put the head in a pot on the jiko. She then baked flesh from his body and then cooked it with vegetables and served it to Mr. Price’s children.

8. Punk Rock Man Ate His Finger

It is really bizarre to read the story of David Playpenz. He was involved in a road accident while riding on a motorcycle and in the process, he got hurt on his finger.

When he reported the accident to the doctors, one finger had turned black and the answer from doctors was that this finger needed to be removed and amputated. Playpenz agreed to undergo the procedure, but he requested the doctors to give him his severed finger to take it home.

Without knowing his curiosity to cannibalism, doctors agreed to give him the finger as he requested. Reaching home, he decided to cook it and ate it in order to quench his curiosity for human fresh.

7. Cannibal Who Found his Victim Online

This story of cannibalism might make you hate internet. Since the age of 12, Armin Miewes had developed a dream of killing and eating human fresh.

This dream took him to 29 years and a whooping 430 e-mails to come true. He advertised for a willing young and well-built boy to offer himself for slaughter.

He used sites such as Gourmet and cannibal Cafi. He eventually got Bernd Brandes and agreed to meet in a private place for a slaughter. He later pictured himself eating Brandes’s meat after he had slaughtered him.

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6. Naked Cannibal

There was shock in the world when a bizarre act of cannibalism was reported in 2012. A man was caught shot and killed by police in Miami while he was eating the face of another naked man who was lying next to him.

Rudy Eugene was caught eating the face of another man and after refusing to back away, police had to shoot him too dead. Ronald Poppo who was being eaten was left fighting for his life in hospital after being severely injured.

5. German Tourist Eaten by Cannibals

A 40-year-old German tourist, Stefan Ramin, went visiting NukuHiva Island in the Pacific Ocean and never returned. His remains are said to have been found by a campfire that belonged to one cannibal tribe of the island.

Mr. Ramin had stopped by the island for an expedition mission but never returned back.

4. Russian Cannibals ate Their Own Brother

Russians were left baffled by one shocking case of cannibalism when two cannibals were found feasting on the remains of their late brother in 2009.

It was reported that the two had feasted on the remains of their brother for a period of six months and were doing it in order to conceal the truth about his murder. Identified as Timur and Marat, the two confessed of having killed their older brother Rafis and eating his remains.

3. Two Men Ate Their Dead Friend

This is a story of four men who went out for an adventure in the eastern parts of Siberia. After a period of four months, two men returned alive while one of them was found dead in unfamiliar circumstances.

One of them went missing and his ware bouts were never known until recently when the news stated to unfold regarding the possibility of cannibalism from his friends. Police found out that the fresh of the missing man was possibly eaten by his two friends Alexei Gorulenko and Alexander Abudullayev in order to keep them alive.

2. Chef Cooked his Wife

It became as a shock when David Viens was reported to have killed his wife and ate him in what was described as an act out of cannibalism.

The man was alleged to have bound his wife’s feet and taped her mouth before killing her. In an interview with detectives, David explained that he never wanted to kill her but he wanted to prevent her from jumping down from the balcony. He however confessed that he found her dead the following day and decided to eat her fresh.

1. Cannibal Mom

Another shocking story of cannibalism is a story that broke out in 2008 in which an 8-year-old boy was skinned and his body given to cannibal relatives.

Evil Klara Mauerova, who belonged to a sinister religious cult confessed in court as having tortured her son. Later heard about how the relatives of the late son had skinned his body before eating his raw fresh.

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