6 Most Shocking Stories of Fat People 2022

Being too fat is depressing for most of the individuals who are going through this, obsession takes individuals with depression, which is a sign of losing mental capacity to think and take decision.

6 Most Shocking Stories of Fat People 2022

Here is the story of some of the most fat people:

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6. Women’s Innocence

In the year of March 2008 a bulky women Texan Mayra Rosales, who was from one of the most Fat people invented a story of killing her innocent nephew in order to protect her sister. But her weight and medical reports prove her innocence.

Texan Mayra Rosales

The new documentary gets a number viewers, showing the astonishing true story of a woman who was from the too fat people and initially testified that she has killed her own two year old nephew. Further investigation and medical reports of the women revealed that Texan Mayra Rosales burgeoning obesity didn’t allow her to commit that crime. The woman is too huge that she can’t even move her arm. The astonishing fact, in her medical report becomes her attorney main argument and she actually declared as innocent.

Further investigation about her idea of fake story revealed that she cook this story in order to save her sister, as per the women her sister already strike the boy with his brush various times on the same day.

5. Too Fat to go to the Jail

Claude Jackson is currently doing community services after the order of the court in the punishment of smashing glass over another person’s head.

In the year of 2007 Claude Jackson smashed a glass on the victim’s head name Tim Kirkman, Tim Kirkman was then counted in themost fat people. The glass smash lead to the serious injury and Tim Kirkman received a 4 cm cut to his neck. His serious condition required to transfer him to the hospital, and consider Jackson as guilty.

Too fat to go to the jail

A medical report presented by Claude Jackson attorney state that he weighs 190 KG, suffered 3 heart attacks before and facing several disorders, including sleep apnoea, ongoing arthritis and a number of others. The medical reports presented in the Victorian County Court also revealed that once he weighed 234 KG then he have to face morbid obesity throughout the life. The reports and arguments suggest, more likely warned that a life in prison could leave some big issues to his health.

By considering him in too Fat people and the serious concern he has to face if he get more weight, the court sentenced him to undertake eight hours a week of community service at netball club and Rumbalara Football. He further ordered to attend four hours counselling once in a week for the remainder of his sentence.

4. Sorry You Can’t Fly

An overweight passenger sues the company against discrimination, humiliating and providing incomplete information. KindleTiggeman lives in New Orleans and by profession, she was an active blogger, her blog post related to the weight loss lessons. The active blogger girl on weight losing tips stated as too fat to fly.

Sorry you can’t Fly

In her statement she states that South west agent told her on the day of flight that she is too fat to fit in one seat and she has to buy two seats in order to start her journey.

Tiggeman Sue the company in district court in the month of April and states that South west agent chose to discriminate, didn’t follow the company policies, embarrass and humiliate her in front of the airporton lookers.

In defense the South west company revealed that their company have a size policy which clearly shows that the passenger have to buy two seats if he or she can’t fit in between arm rest. The south west seatsmeasure 17 inches diagonally.

3. Bride without Wedding Dress

Claire Donnelly a 31 year old lady left the boutique bridal shop when she came to know that she is too fat to fit in any groom dress. On her big day she set up an appointment on well reputed bridal shop. But she has to leave devastated. Claire Donnelly states that she feels humiliation and shame when she came to know by the assistant that she is from the too Fat people to fit in a wedding dress.

Too Fat Claire Donnelly

As per can Claire Donnelly she can easily afford £450 to £500 to get a beautiful dress for her big day. The measurement of Claire Donnelly can’t lighten the spark of £450 to £500, on average UK women are 39-32-41 in measure.

2. To fat to be a dad

A man weighs 360 pounds lost custody of his sons by giving a statement that he is too fat to take care of them. The father lives in Canada and is about 38 years old, lost the custody of two sons, aged five and six respectively.

Too fat to be a dad

The two boys later put in foster care when their mother was hospitalized for a mental breakdown leaving a suspect of overdose. The court order that the man have to do hard work in order to reduce his weight and get the boys’ custody back.

1. Too Fat to Dance

A 21 year old university girl student claimed that local bar wouldn’t let her dance. In her statements she states that this discrimination is because she is not much pretty and pregnant, but she denies the pregnancy factor. The girl admits that she is plus sized women and is considered in the too fat people from all over the world, and obviously have more weighs than normal girls, but according to her she never thinks that her weight become such big issue at union council.

Too fat to dance

She faces such humiliated scenario two times; both times the bouncers at the pub deny the option of dancing with her friends on the stage.

She faces the same situation of humiliation on March 3, 2012 and then again on April 4. On her second visit which was in August, the bouncer told her that she can’t dance because she was pregnant.
Roma’s also state that other plus size women also have to hear the same words “you are too fat to dance” that’s why the woman reached out to humanity right authorities in the city of love, where she put forward the issue of discrimination she have to face.

Ramos is also planning to carry a rally in front of union bar, where she put forward her requests. She planned out says that the bar provide surety that in future they never commit any discriminatory act, further more previously all the women or men who faces discrimination issues will get a formal apology letter from the bar.

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