9 Weirdest Fights That Will Blow Your Mind 2022

Fighting between feuding sides has remained to a worrying trend in the world. Here are some of the weirdest street fights that will blow your mind. Up to date, there have been thousands of fights which have been fights published.

9 Weirdest Fights That Will Blow Your Mind 2022

Fighting is fighting, but there are those fights that have left the world in huge shock because of the impact they have so far left. Below is a list of top 9 weirdest fights in history.

9. The Pastry War

A debate between the dog and the dog has been raging on for some time now. But this has been of course a stepping stone of a conflict that has already been there. In this episode, a pastry war seems to have ignited and ended due to the destruction of the pastry’s shop.


In just a summery; there was a complaint from a French pastry chef who was staying in Mexico. His complaint was directed to king Louis-Philippe that there was much destruction to his pastry shop during the Mexican civil war like ten years earlier. Annoyed, the king decreed for 6000,000 pesos to be given to their citizens. Due to the fact this amount was deemed huge, Mexico decided to escalate the war between the two countries. This brief war came to an end in March 1839 when England interfered and convinced Mexico to pay the money and at the same time the French withdrew from the war. This episode is by no means one of the weirdest fights that you won’t miss to listen and watch.

8. The Beatles vs the Beatles

This is definitely one of the weirdest fights on the internet. There has been a lot of debate surrounding this fight. There is a group of people who claim that Paul, john, Rhino aka The Beatles and George Should called “the” Beatles- in lowercase because of the style of Wikipedia manuals.


There is another group which claim that “The” Beatles is a major part of the trade mark name and should not be tampered with. This king of wiki-fight continued that it almost got out of hand and some people were banned from participating in the debate. In the long run, this debate got itself in the pages of Wall St. Journal.

7. Toilet Paper Over vs Under

Fighting for just how the toilet paper should be hanged in the toilet actually makes this fight one of the weirdest fights ever. The fight is between those that hang their toilet papers by letting them to roll over the top and those who let their toilet papers come out from underneath.

Toilet Paper Over vs Under

According columnist Ann Landers, this fight became so popular that it received over 15,000 letters supporting it.

6. Gwen Stacy’s Death in Amazing Spider Man

Published in 1973, Amazing Spider Man #121 featured the killing of Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker’s girlfriend. What makes this fight one of the weirdest fights is the manner in which she died. She just fell from the bridge and the spider man attempted to help her by shooting a web.

Gwen Stacy's Death in Amazing Spider Man

It was later suggested that spider man broke her neck when attempting to catch her mid-way down. However, according to the Green Goblin, Gwen had already died by the time the web was sent to catch her.

5. List of World Wrestling Entertainment Employees

Wikipedia has become the current battleground on which many virtual arguments take place. Different researchers from across the world decided to review Wikipedia pages in order to see which one had the most edits.

List of World Wrestling Entertainment EmployeesThis was indeed a good sign of appreciating that there was heavy debating taking place on Wikipedia. This list is indeed among the weirdest fights as the role of some professional wrestlers causes so much ire.

4. The Emu War

There was an invasion of Australia by wild emus in October 1922, who invaded by munching on the plentiful wheat crops. What makes this fight to be one of the weirdest fights is the fact that the destruction of the crops by the Emus was so huge that the Emus were declared a threat to the stability of the whole region.

The Emu War

Australia attempted to fight this marauding Emus, but these attempts were are in futility. The Emus proved to be too fast and resilient. The end result of this war led to 20,000 deaths of people.

3. The “Niggardly” Debate

There was much uproar when David Howard, a white assistant to a black Mayor, Anthony Williams, when he used the word “niggardly” to refer the current budget. Though this term “niggardly” is highly offensive and won’t be published, it was also linguistically unrelated to what he was referring.

The “Niggardly” Debate

He tried to defend himself regarding the use of this term but due to public pressure demanding his resignation, he later on resigned from his position. However, his recognition elicited various reactions from various quotas. Other felt that he was wrongfully forced to resign. He was later on reinstated to his position, but he was still left feeling that his actions had led to a national debate regarding racial abuse- and this is what makes this episode one of the weirdest fights.

2. The Breastfeeding Fight About the Cover of BabyTalk

If there weirdest fights, then the breast feeding fight is one of them. The fight here is over exposed breasts. A magazine, Baby Talk received much criticism when it covered a baby suckling from an exposed breast of its mother.

The Breastfeeding Fight About the Cover of BabyTalk

Though, the picture did not expose the nipples of the mother the picture exposed the African continent in a negative way. Besides, this was also the first time that a parenting magazine had covered a picture of a nude woman.

1. The Monty Hall Problem

Logic/ Math problems have been one of the weirdest fights but perhaps “The Monty Hall Problem” is the grand daddy of all of them. It hit the news when there was a public uproar in 1990 when it appeared in “Ask Marilyn” column.

The Monty Hall Problem

The problem in this show is that there are three doors on which there is a car on the other side and the remaining have a goat.

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