7 Best Memes You Have Ever Seen

In the past couple of years, we have witnessed a storm of memes. Here are some of the best memes you have ever seen. Memes are used to express various ideas in our day-to-day life. But sometimes memes might turn out to become so dangerous if they are not carefully designed.

7 Best Memes You Have Ever Seen

The following are top best memes you have ever seen on the internet.

7. Gallon Smashing

Gallon smashing has also found itself being listed among the best memes trending on the internet. In the year 2013, this game became a really hit on YouTube.

The idea involved in this game is simple: A teen is made to walk to the supermarket with a friend who is tasked to film the episode where a teen is picking two gallons of juice, milk or simply anything on the way and afterwards the teen pretends to fall and smashing all the gallons to the ground.

The dangers that can come out of this game are obvious to see. There is a possibility of gallons hitting shoppers as they fall down and as a result causing injuries or law suit against the offender.

6. The Knife Game

Who thought that the Knife Game could be among the best memes? This game was initially meant to be a rite of passage for some children.

In different quotas, this game is known as pin finger, stab scotch, nerve, bishop, or five finger fillets (FFF). This game involves placing the palm of one hand facing down on the table, while fingers are spread apart.

At the same time, it uses a knife to stab forth and back between fingers at a high speed. The reason why this meme is considered one of the best memes is obvious. A video of this game by Rusty Cage went viral on the internet in 2011 and the game also new life in 2013 when new lyrics by Hanna Ellinger came into play.

5. The Bikini Bridge

In January 2014, there was a creation of a 4chan user of the bikini bridge who thought it could go viral. While creating it, they injected propaganda for and against its trend.

After watching it for a while, they soon saw a meme trending similar to their 4chan. The best memes in question consisted of manipulating body figure in which the thigh gap was replaced by the space between the bathing suit bottom as well as the hip bones.

The reasons for this meme categorized among the best memes is that it is feared that it encourages eating disorders since people could be attracted by this figure and then go and start eating in order to achieve it.

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4. The Salt and Ice Challenge

Looking for best memes! The salt and ice challenge is one of such that you would not like to hear. The challenge involves a practice in which participants wet an area of the skin before covering it with table salt. After this, they apply pressure using an ice cube.

This practice is so painful and participants here look out to see who can withstand the burning sensation. Pain caused by this practice is due to the chemical process involved.

The addition of the ice cube to water causes the freezing point of water to drop down to 0 degrees. This application of ice makes heat to be pulled out of the skin. In the long run, the competitors of this game run a risk of sustaining burns, blisters and frostbite.

3. The Slender Man

Though the slender man is not a danger by itself, the myth of this game has led to it being classified under the best memes on the internet.

This meme is a creation of an awful thing from Eric Knudsen. It first appeared in 2009, and featured an unnaturally tall man appearing faceless and wearing a suit.

The man is also featured with long tentacle –like arms that he is able to extend them in attempts to capture his prey. Above all, the man is known to abduct, stalk or traumatize people, especially young children.

The myth surrounding this meme has led to various cases of violence across the world. In May 2014, there was a case where two 12-year-old girls from Wisconsin nearly stabbed their friend with an objective of offering a sacrifice to the slender man.

2. The Cinnamon Challenge

Since 2001, The Cinnamon Challenge has been trending online and has since increased its popularity with the advent of YouTube.

By the end of 2012, this challenge had got to top gear when about 70,000 twitter mentions were recorded per day. Since then, there has been lots of video uploads taking place every day.

The main aim of this challenge is swallowing of a spoonful of ground cinnamon in a span of a minute without drinking anything. Absolutely correct! This challenge is one of such best memes that can really cause a lot of damage to people. Lots of cinnamon in the body is not digestible without a lot of water in the body. Inhalation of dust, teens can lead to the risk of scarring or inflaming their lungs.

Though there have never been cases of death reported, cases of injury out of this game are really shocking. There was a case of Michigan teen Dejah who spent days in hospital after sustaining infections and collapsed lung due to his participation in the challenge.

1. The Knockout Game

Unlike the Knife Game, the Knockout Game has been in existence for quite a long period of time. The chemistry of this game is as follows: a group of roving and bored teens with no better thing to do are meant to suspect victims and then knock them out by punching them using a single sucker just for their own amusement.

What makes this meme classified under best memes are both the actual act perpetuated and the image portrayed when the media would actually report the case. Recent reports claiming that this game has been renewed and has gone viral with its black-on-white are completely false and over hyped.

There have been random cases of assaults connected with this game, but of course there is no tangible proof that this game has really got to epidemic levels. Similarly, there no proof that these incidences of assault are racially motivated.

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