10 Great Inventions by Youngest Inventors of All Times

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Inventing something is not as easy as we think, it took several years to invent something or sometime it took whole life to invent anything. There are many people who had great inventions, and here we are discussing the list of 10 Youngest Inventors of All Times who came up with great inventions. Find out the list of Top 10 Youngest Inventors of All Times along with the details of their inventions:

1. Chester Greenwood

(December 4, 1858 – July 5, 1937)
AGE: 15

Greenwood was one of the youngest inventors of all time, he was born in 1858 in Farmington, Maine. As a 15 year old he was very fond of ice skating. But the icy weather was hard on his exposed ears. He tried to keep them warm by covering them with his gloved hands but that made his hands busy to ice skate.

Youngest Inventors

He even tried wrapping it up with his wool scarf but that got too bulky and the material was itchy to his sensitive skin. So finally he came up with the idea and become one of the youngest inventors ever. He used two pieces of wire and shaped them into circles to cover his ears and connected these two pieces with a longer piece of wire to form a head band. His grandmother sewed velvet to the inside of the circled wires and fur to the outside to make them cold resistant for the ears.

So this way Greenwood’s hands were free to ice skate with his ears all cosy and warm. His product was an instant hit with all his friends who begged him to make earmuffs for them too. Greenwood got a patent for his product in 1877 when he was just 18 years old. He also established Greenwood’s ear protector’s factory in Farmington. By 1883, his factory produced 30000 earmuffs per year, which climbed up to 400,000 by his death in 1937. The guy made a fortune by providing ear muffs to U.S soldiers in WWI. Farmington, Maine is known as the Earmuff capital of the world his idea remains to be one of the great inventions in the history of human kind.

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