10 Great Inventions by Youngest Inventors of All Times

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2. Louis Braille

(4 January 1809 – 6 January 1852)
INVENTION: Braille code
AGE: 16

Louis Braille is considered one of the blind people withgreat inventions. He belonged to a small town named Coupvray, near Paris.

Youngest Inventors

He became blind accidently when he just 3 years old while playing in his dad’s shop. He injured his eye with a sharp tool and the infection eventually spread to both his eyes, making him blind. At that time, books for the blind had raised letters on them which was painfully hard to read. In 1821, a former soldier visited his school and presented his invention called “night writing”.

This was a 12 raised dot code, which let the soldiers share top secret information on the battlefield without even having to say a word. Louis Braille was fascinated with this code. He started working on it and by the time he was 15 he developed a 6 raised dot writing mechanism and published his first ever Braille book in 1829. His creation became famous as the “Braille system” which is an independent writing system for the blind.


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