10 Most Extremely Modified People (Lizard Man)

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Body modification is gaining momentum as millions and millions of people rush to their tattoo specialists for a body medication. However, the whole story has gone a notch higher as some people have gone into extreme body medication, making them look completely different.

The lizard man is one of the commonest examples of people with extreme body modifiers. Below are the top 10 most extremely modified people.

10. The Lizard Man

For sure there are interesting animals in the world that you can probably choose to resemble them. Eric Sprague is a man from Austin, Texas, and now is commonly known as the lizard man because of his resemblance to the lizard. Eric had to undergo a bizarre body modification in which his tongue was split into two and his entire body heavily tattooed to like a lizard.

The Lizard man

Above all, he had his teeth sharpened like fangs while his earlobes and septum stretched. He spends most of his time basking on the rock, or at times he spends his time performing on freak show. He also moves around the world to show off his sword-swallowing and fire-eating skills to people.

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