10 Most Shocking Comic Book Deaths

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The comic book is a fan community where death is serious, but it is not taken serious in our real life. Though death is a serious subject to discuss, in comic books it is regarded as something not meaningful and therefore does not have any bearing on real life.

Most Shocking Comic Book Deaths

From a list of thousands, we have shortlisted the most shocking comic book deaths here below.

10. Did Spider-Man Kill His Girlfriend?

Stan Lee of Marvel Comic big daddy, developed some love interest in Spider-man’s girl friend-Mary Jane Watson aka Stacy Gwen. Immediately when Gerry Conway took over as a writer, he wanted to ditch Stacy. Some claims have gone as far as claiming that Gerry wanted to eliminate Stacy in retaliation.

Spider Man kill his girlfriend comic book

It was by no-coincidence that in “Death of Gwen Stacy” that Gwen Stacy died in 1973. Actually, the death of Stacy is one of the most shocking comic books deaths so far as it has since created a lot of debate regarding who could have killed her. The question much asked is whether it was Spider-man or Green Goblin who killed her.

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