10 Shocking Statistics of Deaths in 2014

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For every beginning there is an end, every human being and all other living creature have to leave. Death is a natural phenomenon and occurs in number of ways, cancer, accidents and other disease are few bizarre deaths forms among several.

Shocking Statistics of Deaths in 2014

Death because of falling from bed or biting from ants is some astonishing and bizarre deaths forms to believe. Before going further, find out the Shocking Mount Everest Death Cases. This articles is with full of astonishing bizarre deaths in 2014 factors, which will leave you in doubt.

10. Texting while Driving Increase 23% Chances of Crash


Each month more than 18.5 billion texts are exchanged. Texting while driving is not a new thing, as per reports 77 % people admit that they used to texting during driving, the original number may exceed.

The reports further revealed that more than 200,000 vehicle crashes are linked to texting every year and was a cause of deaths in 2014. So we should be careful while driving and try to avoid mobile using as much as possible.

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