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10 Shocking Statistics of Deaths in 2014


4. Avoid sleeping in garden


We heard that one should try to avoid sleep in the garden, have you ever thing why people avoid sleeping in garden? This globe is with full of living creature and ants are among the smallest one which can be seen by naked eyes. We never threatened by this small creature, neither any one of us have any fear from ants.

But we have to consider the fact that there are more than 280 species of ants that can kill a person; even a healthy person can be included in their prey. We can say that killing by ants is the most bizarre death factor you have ever read or seen. To avoid this bizarre death factor, you have to stay away from ants because surely you are unaware of their specie.

Over 280 million ants can kill the person, from these 280 million species and fire ants are considered as the most deadly ones normally found in Africa. The living of these ants is unique from others and their colonies are the big factor of their strength.

These ants live in colonies up to 20 million ants and if they attack any one, they can easily over power. The mostly bizarre death cases by ant biting are linked to person fall asleep near an ant hill. So, next time if you are planning to take some rest just give a look on the ground and change your place immediately if you found any sign of ant hills as it is the reason of some deaths in 2014.


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