6 Most Shocking Stories of Fat People

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Being too fat is depressing for most of the individuals who are going through this, obsession takes individuals with depression, which is a sign of losing mental capacity to think and take decision.

6 Most Shocking Stories of Fat People

Here is the story of some of the most fat people:

6. Women’s Innocence

In the year of March 2008 a bulky women Texan Mayra Rosales, who was from one of the most Fat people invented a story of killing her innocent nephew in order to protect her sister. But her weight and medical reports prove her innocence.

Texan Mayra Rosales

The new documentary gets a number viewers, showing the astonishing true story of a woman who was from the too fat people and initially testified that she has killed her own two year old nephew. Further investigation and medical reports of the women revealed that Texan Mayra Rosales burgeoning obesity didn’t allow her to commit that crime. The woman is too huge that she can’t even move her arm. The astonishing fact, in her medical report becomes her attorney main argument and she actually declared as innocent.

Further investigation about her idea of fake story revealed that she cook this story in order to save her sister, as per the women her sister already strike the boy with his brush various times on the same day.

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