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6 Most Shocking Stories of Fat People


5. Too Fat to go to the Jail

Claude Jackson is currently doing community services after the order of the court in the punishment of smashing glass over another person’s head.

In the year of 2007 Claude Jackson smashed a glass on the victim’s head name Tim Kirkman, Tim Kirkman was then counted in themost fat people. The glass smash lead to the serious injury and Tim Kirkman received a 4 cm cut to his neck. His serious condition required to transfer him to the hospital, and consider Jackson as guilty.

Too fat to go to the jail

A medical report presented by Claude Jackson attorney state that he weighs 190 KG, suffered 3 heart attacks before and facing several disorders, including sleep apnoea, ongoing arthritis and a number of others. The medical reports presented in the Victorian County Court also revealed that once he weighed 234 KG then he have to face morbid obesity throughout the life. The reports and arguments suggest, more likely warned that a life in prison could leave some big issues to his health.

By considering him in too Fat people and the serious concern he has to face if he get more weight, the court sentenced him to undertake eight hours a week of community service at netball club and Rumbalara Football. He further ordered to attend four hours counselling once in a week for the remainder of his sentence.


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