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6 Most Shocking Stories of Fat People


1. Too Fat to Dance

A 21 year old university girl student claimed that local bar wouldn’t let her dance. In her statements she states that this discrimination is because she is not much pretty and pregnant, but she denies the pregnancy factor. The girl admits that she is plus sized women and is considered in the too fat people from all over the world, and obviously have more weighs than normal girls, but according to her she never thinks that her weight become such big issue at union council.

Too fat to dance

She faces such humiliated scenario two times; both times the bouncers at the pub deny the option of dancing with her friends on the stage.

She faces the same situation of humiliation on March 3, 2012 and then again on April 4. On her second visit which was in August, the bouncer told her that she can’t dance because she was pregnant.
Roma’s also state that other plus size women also have to hear the same words “you are too fat to dance” that’s why the woman reached out to humanity right authorities in the city of love, where she put forward the issue of discrimination she have to face.

Ramos is also planning to carry a rally in front of union bar, where she put forward her requests. She planned out says that the bar provide surety that in future they never commit any discriminatory act, further more previously all the women or men who faces discrimination issues will get a formal apology letter from the bar.


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