8 Most Bizarre Body Modifications of all Time

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1. Genital Beading

It shocking that people have got to a point where even their private parts get modified to look the way they deem best. The act of ghostly body modifications was initially associated with satanic acts in the ancient days. But these acts have been followed up by modern day people who have gone as far as implanting beads into their genital body parts. In doing this, an artist will use a long needle or scalped to drill holes in the shaft of the penis.

Genital Beading

On the other end, ladies can have beads inserted on the labia parts of their vaginas. The most commonly used materials in beading private parts of the body include small balls of silicone and titanium. Such materials are usually inserted into the incision which then gets closed up later on. In order for the needle to get in and out of the hole again and again, each bead requires two cuts to be done and then use a rod to jam the bead in place. You might be shocked as you will realize that the bead will be jammed somewhere underneath your junk’s skin.

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