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55 Best 3D Tattoos Design You Must See!


In last article we talked about the types and use of Tattoos in this article we’ll talked about Best 2D and 3D Tattoos Designs. Earlier 2D tattoo design was most commonly used, but with the advancement knows people want 3D tattoos on their body because of its real look. There are different categories of Tattoos for Men as well as Tattoos for Women.

2D or 2 Dimensional tattoos refer to flat images while 3D tattoos offer extra dimension. 3D tattoo give the illusion of being above the skin. 3D tattoos are great for creating optical illusions.

55 Best 3D Tattoos Design You Must See!

Here are some of the best 3d tattoos designs you must see!

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The above Beautifully design tattoo is the most appropriate and perfect example of 2D and 3D tattoos. The left wing have no shadows and color, while the second wing complimented with color and shadows and give a look that the wing is above then girls body shoulder. It is made in a way that it is looking real as there are shadow also made to make it 3d tattoo.