8 Cool Photos You Have Ever Seen!

Picture taking is a normal thing every one engages in. Nobody wants to take a picture and later on it looks awkward. People often want to take their pictures in nice places and would also want to keep them for many years. These cool photos from around the world will give you goosebumps and will lure you to see these places once your life.

Cool Photos You Have Ever Seen

Hotel Grotta Palazzese

The cool photo below is the picture of Hotel Grotta Palazzese is one of the top leading hotel in the world situated on the cliffs of poliganano offers a unforgettable dining experience. Starting from the interior to the food taste, everything is offered by Hotel Grotta Palazzese other than four walls and pillars.

The hotel is actually built in cave which makes it unique from number of other hotels, complimented with high class services and better taste food. No other hotel will give the pleasure to view the water waves during your dining other than Grotta Palazzese. It is situated 74 feet above sea level which allow you to enjoy wave’s laps.

Temple Inside Cave

Buddhism, one of the world’s major religions consists of a number of beliefs and traditions laid down by Sidharta Gautama. Temples are considered as the best places to worship or meditation because off their pleasant environment. Buddhist temples across the globe leave a curiosity to see them live because of their design, interior and over all infrastructures.

The above cool photo is of “Phowintaung” which is Buddhist cave temple located in Myanmar (Barma), precisely 25 km west of Monywa. This temple is located on the Chindwin River’s West bank contains 947 large and small decorated caves. The cave also consists of number of well design and attractive Buddha statue and also displays geometric patterns in the form of painting.

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Dean Potter in Yosemite

White man in the above cool photo is named as Dean Potter, born to Army officer. His expertise in rock climbing Base jumper and highliner. Above picture was taken in Yosemite by mark Cunningham who was professional sports photographer.

He worked for Detroit tigers, Major league Baseball and capture number of another sports event. His expertise and experience are reflected in the above cool photo, and we can see the rope, the man on it and 1000ft heighted mountains.

Say NO to Tobacco

Smoking habits in men and women are common. Smoking in children is also acceptable in some societies, but what about Smoking bird? The above cool photos were captured on mobile showing small bird seated on the wine glass and busy smoking.

Bliss – the Most Viewed Picture

Blue sky, green hills refer to window XP defaulted background. Microsoft Default window XP wallpaper is known as Bliss and now consider as the most viewed picture in the world. Rolling green hills under the blue sky captured by Charles O’Rear a former National Geographic photographer. Number of myths revolved regarding these cool photos; some claimed that it was modified in Photoshop or some believe it was natural beauty captured directly from the camera without including any external effects.

The picture was taken by Charles O’Rear using medium format camera while he was headed towards his girl friend residence in the year of 1996. These cool photos were sold to Corbis and later on Microsoft engineer chose a digitized version of Charles O’Rear picture and licensed it. Within next few years the picture is considered as the most viewed image in the world during that time.

Shark – Wrong Perception

The word shark refer to something dangerous, whenever we hear the word shark we make two pictures in our minds, one is of water and the other one is of something dangerous. It may be because of less research in this field that these beliefs are strengthened in our minds.

The investigation done by ISAF an abbreviation of International Shark Attack File concludes that out of 96 shark attacks, 62 are unprovoked and 16 are considered as provoked attacks. We might unaware that more than 470 species of sharks are evolved out of which only four are dangerous to some extent. These include oceanic white tip, tiger, great white and bull sharks.

The above cool photos taken deep beneath the surface of the Bahamas, it shows two unlikely creature shares some good and celebratory moments. Both creatures are quite close without any protective shell, which shows most of us have wrong perception about sharks.

Victoria Falls

Swimming in water fall is simply impossible, but the above picture shows a man on top of the water fall looking quite comfortable without having a fear that if someone fell down from such an height it may lead to death or some very serious injurious. These cool photos were captured in Victoria Falls located in Southern Africa without using any camera technique.

Victoria Falls is 354 ft tall and having 1,708m in width. Victoria Falls ranked as the world’s largest sheet of falling water first discovered by David Living stone in the year of 16 November 1855. David Livingstone was Scottish explorer and missionary who was later consider as the first European to view Victoria Falls.

The top of the Victoria Falls equips with the natural rock pool which was also known as Devils’s pool. Starting from September and till the end of December the water level is quite low as compared to other months. Low water level allows you to swim without having fear of falling down.

Team Work

Team work, planning, leadership, mutual understanding, team coordination are the few words or jargons we often heard in corporate sector. Starting from construction project to product development almost every firm need planning and team work in order to accomplish their goals. In order to get clear view let’s take an example of any FMCG firm. The efficient production unit with least effective supply chain network can lead the company to the next level of success?

Definitely not, 4p’s (product, price, place, promotion) are the pillars of any firm and the successful firm keep the balance between every department within the firm. The concept of team work and planning is not just for humans. The straight and in one pattern movement of birds similarly movement of ants in one line all refer to team work and coordination. The above cool photos show the same phenomena where one animal is helping other of the same species in order to reach at the top of the wood.

Picture taking is a really interesting adventure. Pictures can be remainders of what we went through in the past and they keep on to live even long than we do. Cool photos are the new things in the industry as almost everyone would want to visit a certain nice place for his or her pictures.

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