9 Shocking Deep Sea Fish and Creatures

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It is really nice to get into the ocean to see some amazing creatures living in it. The ocean is so big that you can’t imagine and it is home to millions of creatures. Variety of creatures lives in the ocean, ranging from beautiful to horrible ones. Below is a list of top 10 horrible deep sea fish.

9. Fangtooth

A crazy deep sea fish is the fangtooth (which is also known as Anoplogastercornuta). Despite it looks just like a monster, it can only grow to 6 inches in length. Its head is so large, but its body is slightly smaller.


The name “fangtooth’’ was derived from its long, sharp teeth on its over-sized mouth. The adults and juveniles are not of the same body color. The juveniles are black in color while the adults are light grey in color. The food is so scarce in deep sea so, the fangtooth eats anything that comes on the way.

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