6 Stories of Selfies Gone Wrong 2022

Here are some interesting and funny storeis of selfies gone wrong. You will love these selfie stories for sure.

Selfie is basically referred to self portrait photographs normally taken by Smart phone or digital camera. Most widely use of these Selfie is to share on your social sites like Tubmlr, Instagram and Facebook. It was stated that the figure of Selfie will be exceeded from 238 billion this year, which roughly account as 33 Selfies per person. With the advancement in technology and emergence of social media, the concept of theses self portrait photographs get a boom. In the year of 2012 Time magazine ranked “Selfie” as one of the top ten buzzword in that year. Surveys also revealed that almost in all nations the practice of Selfie is quite common despite of the fact of your status, race and age. 2013 survey proposed two third of Australian women ranging between 18 – 35 age group take selfies by using Smart phone or Digital camera, and the most common purpose of this is to update them on social sites more likely Facebook.

In the year of 2013 the word Selfie got such much boom that it had become common place enough from inclusion in online Oxford Dictionary. By the end of 2013 the word Selfie ranked as being the word of the year by Oxford Dictionary.

6 Stories of Selfies Gone Wrong 2022

FACT: Women Post more Photographs then Men

According to the report conducted in University of Iowa and Ohio University, revealed that more deep and frequent look at the impact of the body image could make women in secure about their physical appearance. 881 females of college level were surveyed before presenting this report.

selfies gone wrong

Report further suggest that spending more time on social sites while looking friend’s picture could make you insecure. One another astonishing result of the study revealed that friend’s picture can be more influential then celebrity photo shot, especially for women.

Selfies Gone Wrong

Some time while taking Selfie we often capture unwanted background, or some risked their life in capturing the perfect selfies. Below here, we have discussed some Selfies Gone Wrong such that our can learn from other people’s mistake and keep your Selfie perfect.

Be Aware of Squirrel

A young boy capture a Selfie with a Squirrel, but the lightning flash and click sound from his Smart phone scared the Squirrel. This scary Squirrel went nuts and jump to the boy’s back. Taken by Genest’s mother, the picture below in which the Squirrel climbs beneath the boy’s shirt is the best of example of Selfies Gone Wrong.

selfies gone wrong

But the good thing with this Selfie is that both the Squirrel and Genest were UN harmed. Genest’s mother captures the picture of boy with the Squirrel on his back and posted to his instagram with the Selfie that he has taken. She does this in order to teach the small boy a lesson. All in all, this is what we call “selfies gone wrong”.

Avoid Animals

Female wanted to capture the beauty of nature but the image below shows that camel wasn’t pleased with Selfie. The woman actually got a big bite from the camel.

selfies gone wrong

We are unable to find what happened next, but the image shows that the camel bite may have resulted to this picture being one of the selfies gone wrong.

See Directions

Sun bath along beach side is always refreshing. The picture is one of the examples of Selfies Gone Wrong. The picture showed the same refreshing environment where the woman is on the sand under the sun and wants to capture this memorable day in her Selfie.

selfies gone wrong

She was good with pose the background shows clearly that she was in beach and enjoying a lot but she neglects the presence of one thing. The naked man in the background of the Selfie spoils her pose. By considering the Female’s nature and result of different studies we can say that this Selfie was meant to upload on social site more likely Facebook, but do you think after getting caught a naked person in her Selfie she can upload it?

Don’t use Cell Phone While Driving

The use of mobile phone for texting is quite common, 77% of mobile user admit that they used their Mobile while driving. The chances of accident increase with 23% if you are using your Smart phone while driving. The chances may get more increased if you are busy in taking your Selfie while driving.

selfies gone wrong

The story below is an example of Selfies Gone Wrong. A 32 year-old woman smashed into a recycling truck and after that got a bursting flame. No signs of drugs or alcohol founded by Police man, but they have found updated status and Selfie of the Women just one minute before the police get a call of an accident.

Police suspected that driver was busy in taking Selfies the reason why the accident occurred.

Show Some Respect to Old Statue

Don’t touch the art, don’t take photos, are the some statements we often seen in the notice boards placed in the museum, the reason of these strict policies is to keep these ancient art work safe from your silly disasters, just like shown in the picture below.

selfies gone wrong

Museum in Milan, Italy have a statue dating back to 19th century, the stature showing the human like figure having animal features while in sleeping position. A young boy reportedly a student visited the museum and tried to take a Selfies but unfortunately his adventure resulted in selfies gone wrong.

According to reports, the boy tried to take selfies while seated on the lap of the statue but the left leg of the statue fell off. The spokesman from the state said they didn’t have information about the student boy.

Keep an Eye to Your Pets Before Posing

Selfies Gone Wrong! Selfies with the pets are quite common. But Selfies with the pet bite is something new which is shown in the picture below. It might be because dog feel neglected while the women is busy in taking Selfie, and it results in the bite of dog on the women’s face. (Source)


Selfies is a new phenomenon that has takes the world by storm. Everyone wants to take his or her own picture with someboy or something while seeing. However, all have not been going well. 1Selfies gone wrong’ is a common term used when this whole exercise goes to mess. Take care or otherwise you will also be singing `selfies gone wrong’.

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