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9 Shocking Deep Sea Fish and Creatures


1. Vampire Squid

The vampire squid (commonly known asVampyroteuthisinfernalis by the scientists), has an appearance that resembles something swam out of mid-night fiction movie. It contains large fins on its body which resemble large ears. Its gelatinous form makes it resemble the jellyfish when compared to the common squid.

Vampire squid

This deep sea fish contains the largest ever eyes of any animal. It hasscary appearance and the vampire squid grows to a length of about six inches. Just like other deep sea fish, the vampire squid contain photophores through which it lures its prey. The vampire squid is normally found at 3000 feet deep into the sea. The arms of the vampire squid are covered with very sharp a tooth-like spine, which gives this fish its name. The vampire squid can swim at very high speed slated at two body lengths per second and its acceleration is just five seconds.

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