Top Ten Amazing Angry Birds in Real Life

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Angry birds are some birds that you can also see in real life by traveling from one place to another, these birds are not much rarer but are found in some special areas only.

Amazing Angry Birds in Real Life

Here is the list of the top ten birds that are angry birds.

10. Northern Crested Caracara (Caracara Cheriway)

Northern Crested Caracara is one of the birds that hunt on foot, always stay low to the ground and included in the category of angry birds as well.

Northern Crested Caracara

It has also been known as the Audubon’s Caracara. This real life Angry bird has a length of around 49–58 cm and weighs 800–1,300 g. Northern caracaras usually lives alone or sometimes with a family member of 3-5.

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