History of Tattoo – Types and Use of Tattoos

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Tattoo is basically a form of body modification done by the use of inserting ink in to skin layer and it lead in changing the pigment. This can be done for number of purposes including medical purpose. In this article we will discuss history of tattoos, 3D-tattoos, difference between 3D-tattoos and 2D-tattoos and the end will be complimented with the 3D tattoo designs.

Tattoos History:

History of TattoosTattoo practice is not evolve in this era it have deep history in mankind. More importantly changing the pigment and done tattooing is the important part in some cultures. Evidence also revealed that the oldest tattoo practiced was first done 60,000 years back in South America. (Wikipedia)

In the year of 1970 tattoo practice get a boom in western fashion and know widely spread in almost every nation. We found people having tattoos of almost every age and gender.

With the advancement and latest instrument tattoo under goes with lot of innovations, new design and know the new concept of 3D evolved widely, before this 2D tattoos are most widely painted.

Types and Use of Tattoos

Before getting in the explanation of 3D tattoos just have a brief over view on types and its different uses.


Professional TattoosTattoo is not just a piece of drawing or some design it has a strong importance in some cultures, religion and used for identification purposes. In the past it was used as mark of rank and status, spiritual devotion and symbol of religion, sexual lures, decorations for bravery, marks of fertility, punishment, pledges of love, talismans, amulets, protection, mark of slaves and much more.

The meaning of each tattoo may differ from culture to culture; it also reflect the individual feelings about its family, relatives or for strangers. In this era the use of Tattoo is just simply limited to cosmetic, artistic, religious, magical reasons and in some cases use as person’s identification. But in developed and modern countries the tattoos are used only for art purpose.

In Philippine the people have the belief that the tattoos have something with magical power, so the use of Tattoo in Philippines is for different purpose.

Identification Purpose

Identification TattoosTattoo was also used for identification purpose, and most widely used for this purpose recorded in the year of 1941 by Nazi. He introduces the concept of tattoos to identify the register prisoners within their camp. Make it clear that the tattoo design used in the camp is limited to few digits.

In china the authorities used Tattoos for punishment purpose, every design show the specific crime of the individual. Use of Tattoos on slave is practiced since centuries and even in this century we often found the evidences of this practice.

Cosmetic and Medical Purpose

Tattoos on ScarThis era give a boost to surgical practices and cosmetic use. Every individual want to enhance his or her look. Tattooing can help individuals to cover their skin if any disorder, more then it permanent Tattoos are used to enhance lips, eyebrows with natural colors, and enhance the design.

It also used to communicate the medical information about the person it may include blood group, diseases if any or other important information that have to be consider while taking under medical treatment. In the year of 1898 Daniel Fouquet a specialist medical doctor wrote an article “medical tattooing” in which he provide some breath taking facts about the advantages of Tattoos in medical field.

Though tattooing has been there since time in memorial, the practice has picked its pace as of recent history and all indications are showing that this practice will soon rather than later catch up with everyone.