Best 3D Tattoos Designs for Men and Women

For 2D and 3D tattoo lovers we are sharing the 55 best 3D tattoos designs for men and women that will boggle your mind.

Earlier 2D tattoo design was most commonly used, but with the advancement knows people want 3D tattoos on their body because of its real look. There are different categories of Tattoos for Men as well as Tattoos for Women. 2 dimensional tattoos refer to flat images while 3dimensional tattoos offer extra dimensions. 3D tattoo gives the illusion of being above the skin. 3D tattoos are great for creating optical illusions.

Best 3D Tattoos Designs for Men and Women

For all its followers BigShocking.Com has gathered the amazing 3d tattoos designs that will make you speechless!

The above Beautifully design tattoo is the most appropriate and perfect example of 2D and 3D tattoos. The left wing has no shadows and color, while the second wing complimented with color and shadows and give a look that the wing is above then girls body shoulder. It is made in a way that it is looking real as there are shadow also made to make it 3d tattoo.

It is a habit of many people of holding a pen or pencil by their ear while working and so the above image is showing but it is a fabulous 3d tattoo which seems as a man is holding a real pen with his ear.

Looking painful that a hook is inserted in the thumb of a man’s foot but it is a 3d tattoo which is made according to the desire of the man having it. Other than that, this amazing tattoo is also seen made on other body parts of the people.

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3d tattoos are made by the artists on the demand of the people like what they want and on which part of their body they want it. 3d tattoos are made with a theme that the individual wants so, the above picture is showing the back of a man has the 3d tattoo of evil powers in which there is an outstanding effect of light which is coming out of the eyes of the evil creature.

There are many types of tattoos designs made according to the desire of the people and the above image is showing a person with a robot-like looking hand. It seems like the hand is of terminator.

A picture showing the creativity and great art of 3d tattoo with a man hand and a system like machine working in it, rods and other parts from which the machine is made can be clearly seen in the above photo.

There are some artists who are expert in making 3d tattoo because this art contains professionalism as the above picture cannot be made by a simple artist because the all the things in the above 3d tattoo are fake. The shadows of the weapons used for killing are making it look real.

The back of a man is full of 3d tattoo and his both hands are also painted for making the entire scene in which there are buildings and a man is trying to jump.

A horrible eye that is looking of a monster is made on the arm; the expert has made it looking like real and he/she add the effects with his/her professionalism.

As time is passing, people are having more and more designs of 3d tattoos to see as different people having different imaginations are going to the tattoo makers for having a tattoo according to their imagination like that of a sticky note on the arm or leg.

A man having a tattoo of star-shaped on his arm in which the words are written with one Liberty is in red color is showed in the picture. There is also blood which is shedding from the corner of the star and the blood is looking real but it is the magic of colors used for making tattoos.

Women with a tattoo made on her back with a colorful butterfly and a clock inside the wings of the butterfly. There are roses on the left wing of the butterfly and machine-like parts on the right side.

This tattoo is showing the deep thought of the person who made it or the person who said to make it as every person has different story in this world. The great 3d tattoo is showing that the skin is scratched from the arm of an individual and his story can be seen as the words are written inside him.

This 3d tattoo is for those individuals who like the ancient art. Many people don’t have any idea that which type of tattoo they want so it is great for those who are interested in ancient art.

The image above shows the 3d tattoo of a time machine which is made on the shoulder and arm of a man, it is one of the amazing tattoo designs for men. The tattoo is made neatly and clearly which can every person can easily understand that what it is about.

This 3d tattoo is for the people who love to have a stylish tattoo on any part of their body. It is looking like a wooden wall with a design on it.

The above created 3d tattoo on the back of a woman is showing the season of autumn in which the leaves are falling. The tree is made with its stem and the colors used are making it outstanding and are suiting the theme.

Looks like the artist or the person having the tattoo likes the horror movies as there can be seen a girl who is sacred and an evil creature. The right arm of the woman is also painted to make the tattoo look great.

This 3d tattoo is exactly made on the location and part of the body where there is heart. The tattoo showing the heart is perfectly made by the tattoo expert.

This tattoo is made greatly which is showing the ocean and sea in the person which is a good for those who like the water.

A great 3d tattoo showing the backbone of the person on which it is made and the skin over it is laced. The lining of the skin is adorned with flowers by the designer.

An outstanding 3d tattoo is made on the back of a woman showing the wings and it is also giving a look of a butterfly which is huge in size.

It is an amazing tattoo of a lion with open mouth showing his tongue and teeth which is made on the forearm of an individual; this tattoo gives an angry feel and looks.

This tattoo shows a clock with which a star besides the clock along with a chain has been drawn; this tattoo gives an amazing and classy look to the viewers.

This is a girl back with a sea made with tattoo on it, in this tattoo a drop of water is falling from the upside to the downwards in the sea. This tattoo is more like a solace to the eyes of the viewers.

 This tattoo gives an awful and a scary look, it’s actually a bony skeleton drawn on the leg. The tattoo is so real that its feels like you are looking at bones and blood inside the leg.

This 3d tattoo designs for ladies gives a bracelet type look; it’s very refreshing and sweet. It seems so delicate and small giving soft looks.

A red rose, best ink tattoo for all the lovers of roses. This tattoo is very pretty and unique, it has been drawn on the back of the person and obviously it is giving an amazing look.

It is a very unique tattoo design; it has some leaves, roses and a metallic look, it has been made with loads of efforts by the tattoo designers, the colorful combination of this tattoo is very pretty that is so eye catching.

Smoky lips with hot red color and some smoke! Woah this is a wonderful tattoo no doubt. The girl in the tattoo is giving a smoky red and a devilish look.

A red Indians has been made with loads of efforts on the arm of a person, it is giving an amazing manly look which is impressive and very creative in nature.

A stylish puzzle looks small 3d tattoos for guys and girls, the amazing 3d tattoo showing a puzzle piece in blue color that is dislocated its place and water inside the human’s foot.

This 3d tattoo is wonderful; it has many colorful with best combinations. It is made on the neck of a person; this tattoo gives a devilish look.

A magnifying glass for better view with best view, this 3d tattoo represents a magnifying glass with a sign of zoom on it, the classy magnifying glass for better and best preview of the items with a greenish and bluish shade.

This 3d tattoo show laces created on the feet; this tattoo is giving the look of blues laces in the middle without a shoe. It seems like someone is wearing an invisible shoe with only laces visible.

A very refreshing and an amazing autumn tattoo with the color combo of red and orange, this is a cracky leaf made on the back.

 This tattoo gives the preview of a girl with grayish lips and some smoky eyes; no doubt this 3d tattoo made on the arm is more than wonderful.

This 3d tattoo shows a mike with a shadow which is plugged-in in the neck of the person;it is the best tattoo for all the music lovers to have the feel of music constantly.

 A plus sign tattoo for all the believers of Jesus Christ with glimpse of fire besides the plus sign, all the Jesus lovers must have this.

A tattoo of Gorilla with angry looks in black, the eyes and the lips of the gorilla is giving quite angry looks.

 This is the tattooed back of a person having a sad woman with thick and long black eye lashes with sad eyes and piercing downwards the lower lip.

This red bow 3d tattoo design for legs gives a stunning look. If you are a feet lover then you must have this tattoo to give sexier looks for the viewers.

This 3d tattoo represents the bones of the foot with an amazing color combo of pink, purple and blue. This tattoo gives the eyes a scary look.

A 3d tattoo with a heart burning look for all the individuals with fire of sadness burring inside the heart. A hot red fire burning inside the chest represents that the person is suffering from some eternal pain.

A sad 3d tattoo of an old elephant is drawn on the arm of the person with the color combination of green, brown and black which looks amazing.

A 3d dark brown elephant with prominent white teeth’s, this tattoo gives a look that it is more like a real elephant.

A 3d eye tattoo with the combination of different colors, it gives a look that an eye is growing within the petals of a flower.

This tattoo represents a face with four eyes, eyes upwards and eyes downward. It actually gives an ugly look.

An angry dinosaur on the back of the person with wings, tongue that is out with long sharp nails, this 3d tattoo actually shows a dragon that is evil.

A 3d tattoo of clock that is tied with a rope, it gives a map type look with shades of brown. This tattoo is actually representing directions.

This is a 3d tattoo of a roman clock on which a fly and a butterfly sitting; it has the color combo of silver, yellow and grey with an old look.

This small 3d tattoo on the breast of a girl with orange, whitish and black shade, it is the best 3d tattoo for all the lovers of butterflies.

 A flying butterfly on the neck with blue and white, this 3d tattoo gives a refreshing look with a great combo of soft colors.

A butterfly on the back, a 3d butterfly with a real look. A shady innocent butterfly is designed with net type design on the lower wings.

Tattooing is a hot cake body modification that is threatening to engulf the whole world in the near future. However, what is interesting is the emergence of 3d tattoos.  You wonder how 3d tattoos are done, but this is the reality as seen in the above 3d tattoos.

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