10 Cute Tattoos That Will Blow Your Mind

Everyone likes to get a tattoo that is applause by his/her friends and loved ones. Check these cute tattoos designs that will blow your mind.

When Tattoos are done on the body, different meanings can be deduced from them. Tattoos for women are something that has kept improving day-by day. Every month we see new designs, new techniques, and new patterns and off course some new themes of tattoos being invented.

Cute Tattoos That Will Blow Your Mind

Women have a large plethora of tattoos to choose from, they can choose any tattoo design from the Celtic tattoos or from the contemporary tattoos. Below here is a list of the top ten cute tattoos you cannot miss to have a look at:

10. Colored Sparrow Tattoo

This particular sparrow tattoo is ranked as one of the cute tattoos because of its trendy conceptualization and its magnificent use of colors. You can ink this tattoo wherever side of the body you like.

For example, you can inscribe this tattoo design on your belly, your hands, or your forearms if you want maximum impact.

9. Miniature Sparrow Tattoo

The miniature sparrow tattoo is meant for those looking to have cute tattoos inked on their body.

When replicating this tattoo on your body, you need to keep it small and will have to use an experienced tattoo artist.

8. Finger ‘Love’ Tattoos

If there is something important in this world, then it is love. Nobody can say that he or she doesn’t need love; we all need it for each relationship we make. Now, what if you symbolize love on your body? Won’t that be one of the biggest statements of the kind of love you have for your partner? You can choose your cute tattoos from a variety of designs that exist. The finger tattoo is one of such cute tattoos that you wouldn’t like to miss out on.

This is a popular trend of tattoos in the world of love, where the initials of your partner are inked on your finger in order for your partner to see. In, most cases, people like to ink initials of their partner on their finger together with the date on which they started dating or merely the date on which they wedded. Brace yourself with little cash and get yourself this magnificent tattoo inked on your finger for your partner to see.

7. Flower Tattoos

For a long time now, flowers have been associated with femininity. Beautiful inscribed flowers on your body can surely qualify to be one of the cute tattoos. The fact that there is a wide variety of flowers to choose from is big statement that this kind of tattoo is an intriguing one. The most commonly used flowers for tattooing are daisies, lilies, roses, lotus, jasmine, cherry, hibiscus, cherry blossoms, and sunflowers. In most cases, the roses are regarded as a symbol of passion and love, but not so many people are aware that rose tattoos can also symbolize strength.

Pink roses normally symbolize adoration and grace, while white roses are used to symbolize eternal innocence and love. In Chinese culture, cherry blossoms symbolize female beauty and love, while in Japanese culture they symbolize the transivity of life. On the other hand, lilies are used to symbolize purity, while lotus is symbols of spirituality in both Chinese and Indian cultures.

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6. Fairy Tattoos

Fairies have been known to be magical and mysterious creatures that fascinate the minds of our children. You want to enliven your childhood memories? Fairy tattoos are one of such cute tattoos that can just help you to do exactly that. Contrary to the common belief that these creatures symbolize innocence, fairies can be mischievous too. Fairies are commonly believed to have originated in the Celtic mythology.

They have a human-like body with transparent wings. There is a common notion about the fairies; that they degraded angels, devils or unique and intelligent creatures. Whatever the notion, a fairy tattoo can look so magnificent if inked on your body.

5. Cancer Tattoo – The Crab

Most of girls out there have tattoos of the crab inked on their shoulder blades, above their ankles, either side of their navels, or their lower backs. These locations are the most preferred ones when doing cancer tattoos. Using various shapes, this kind of cute tattooscan be inked on your body either in black or any other color of your choice. Depending on what tattoo design you prefer, the cancer tattoo is obviously one of the hottest cute tattoos on the market.

You can therefore choose an image of the crab or choose something completely different from the crab. Every tattoo has a reason, so when you see a girl inked an image of a crab on her body, then know there is a real meaning behind that image.

4. Irish Tattoo Ideas for Women

Symbols of Ireland are mostly made of slew animals. Commonly used animals include crane, dragon, horse, serpent, boar, salmon, deer, bull, and raven among many others. If done with an experienced tattoo expert, indeed this kind of tattoo would probably become one of the hottest cute tattoos around.

If the tattoo artist doesn’t use varying needle sizes to ink this kind of tattoo, then he can muddle the tattoo, although he can also do it through taxing.

3. Jesus Tattoo

This is one of the cute tattoos for religious purposes. If you want to see more illusion of this tattoo, you need to back up a few more inches and then having a clear image of Jesus on you.

2. Ambigram Tattoo

This is one of the cute tattoos for religious purposes. If you want to see more illusion of this tattoo, you need to back up a few more inches and then having a clear image of Jesus on you.

1. Skull illusion Tattoo

The skull illusion is an excellent piece of work that cannot miss in the list of cute tattoos. In this particular one, there are two clowns holding hands while drinking. This tattoo by Kate Hoohland contains the most romantic skull illusion that the world has ever seen.

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