10 Most Weird Coincidences of All Time 2022

Here are the 10 most amazing, shocking, and weird coincidences you will not believe actually happened in real.

Most Weird Coincidences of All Time

There are many coincidences happen but very few of them were become the most shocking one and people will never forget those incidences throughout their whole life. The Following are the 10 most weird coincidences ever happened in the history. Follow are the 10 Most Shocking Coincidences happened in the history.

10. Twin Brothers Killed

In 2002, twin brothers got killed the same way in totally separate incidents but the same way in northern Finland, it is one of the most shocking coincidences. The first one died in Raahe, which is 600Kms north of the capital, Helsinki, while he was riding his bike and was trying to cross a highway.

He was hit by a lorry. The second brother was also killed by a lorry while trying to cross the highway on his bike. The two weird coincidences occurred only two hours apart. Apparently the second brother was not aware of his brother’s death as the police had not identified the victim by that time.

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9. Baby Rain

In 1930’s in Detroit, a young mother happened to have her baby fall down from a high floor. The baby fell on a passer-by named, Joseph Piglock. Surprisingly both the baby and the guy were not injured. Exactly one year later, the baby fell again from the same window and coincidentally the same guy was passing through the street at that very time and the baby fell on him again. Fortunately both were unharmed again. It is listed as one of the weird coincidences of all time.

8. Poe’s Book’s Horror Plot Became a Reality

Coming third in our list of weird coincidences is ‘The narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym’. This narrative was written by Egdar Allan Poe in the 19th century. He was a known horror writer. The book was about four men who survived a ship wreck. They were trapped on an open boat for several days.

Out of hunger they finally decided to kill and eat the cabin boy named Richard Parker. After a few years, in 1884, a yacht named Mignonette sank, leaving four survivors. They were also trapped in an open boat. The senior members of the surviving boat decided to eat the cabin boy, whose name was also coincidently Richard parker.

7. Bullet Found its Victim 20 Years Later

Henry Ziegland in 1893 dumped his girlfriend. The poor girl couldn’t bear it and attempted suicide. Her angry upset brother blamed Henry for his loss. He went out with his gun to kill Henry. He went to Henry’s house and shot him. The bullet only grazed Henry’s face and got embedded in the nearby tree.

After 20 years, in 1913, Henry decided to take the tree down for some reason. He used dynamite to uproot it. The embedded bullet propelled by the explosion, went straight into Henry Ziegland’s head and killed him immediately. These incidences are a through manifestation that this story is among the coincidences ever.

6. Marriage vows Turned to Reality

In 1996 there was late night car crash in Paris in which both the drivers were killed at the spot. As the police set out to investigate, they found that the deceased were husband and wife.

Further investigations made it clear that they got separated several months back. Sure, these were weird coincidences.

5. Lightning Strikes Again

Major Summerford was a British Cavalry officer. In the last year of WW1, he was appointed at the fields of Flanders when a flash of lightning hit him. He was knocked off his horse and was paralyzed from his waist down. He moved to Canada, six years later while he was out fishing, Major was struck again by lightning which paralyzed the right side of his body. It was one of the weird coincidences of all time.

 After about two years, he recovered. He was out in a local park on a summery day when storm blew up and the poor major was struck by lightning again. This time he got paralysed completely. He died two years later. Another coincidence with him was that after four years of his death, his stone tomb was destroyed by lightning again.

4. Cursed car of James Dean

James Dean got killed in a horrible car crash while driving his Porsche. The car was nicknamed “the little bastard”.  It has very interesting story that because of this it is considered one of the weird coincidences. When it was being towed from the accident place to the garage, the engine suddenly somehow slipped on one of the mechanic’s legs and crushed them. Eventually the engine was purchased by a doctor who wanted to put it in his Porsche car. The guy was killed in a car race after some time.

In the same car, another driver also got killed who had installed Dean’s gear box in his car. After Dean’s Porsche was finally fixed, the garage who fixed it was burned to ashes. Every other car in the garage was burned down except for “little bastard”. Later on the car was put on exhibit in Sacramento. It accidentally slipped off from its display place and injured a man. A pickup truck was called to tow the car but it crashed into a store. The mishaps with and around the car continued till 1960, when the car was disassembled into 11 different parts. The whereabouts of “little bastard” are unknown to this day.

3. Chelyabinsk Meteor And 2012 DA14

An asteroid entered the earth’s atmosphere and exploded on February 15, 2013. It was seen over the southern Ural region of Russia. It was the largest known airburst since the 1908 Tunguska event and was viewed by hundreds of people. The light produced by the blast was brighter than the sun and the shock wave was felt over a large area. The energy of the explosion was about equal to 20-30 Hiroshima atomic bombs. Asteroid was a surprise for the authorities as well. They were unaware of the asteroid and it was only known after the air burst. 1500 people were injured and over 7000 buildings were destroyed.

This was a weird coincidences very rare and only happened once in history when a meteor was known to injure mankind. About 16 hours after the Chelyabinsk Meteor hit Russia, another asteroid was detected within 27700 km surface range of the earth. It was named 2012 DA14. It was the recorded as the second closest passage of this size of meteor to earth. This coincidence is very rare. The two asteroids could not be related as it has been determined that asteroids have completely different orbits.

2. Twin Towers not Included in Game in 2000

During the development of the game Deus Ex which was released in 2000, the artist who was designing it for skybox somehow forgot to add the twin towers to the New York skyline.

This discrepancy was later found out and was explained as result of terrorist attack.

1. Fate of Titanic written 14 Years Early

This is probably the most shocking and yet weird coincidences of all time, where a fable met the bitter reality. In the year 1898, an author Morgan Robertson wrote a tale entitled Futility (or the Wreck of the Titan). The story described the voyage of a British luxury liner, HMS Titan which hit an iceberg while crossing the northern Atlantic. HMS Titan sank while having a great many passengers on-board.

The survivors were far too few due to the lack of sufficient lifeboats on-board. Fourteen years later the famous luxury ship Titanic (the Un-sinkable) sank when it hit the iceberg as it was crossing the Atlantic. What’s even more dreadful is that both the real ships were about 800 feet long, both hit an iceberg in the month of April while traveling at around 25 knots, and both claimed about 2500 lives.

Coincidences are not something you can bring to have, rather things that are beyond a human thinking and control. Though this is true, what baffles many is a scenario in which you find some coincidences taking place that you wonder whether they were pre-planned. Weird coincidences! Very few but really shocking.

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