8 Deadliest Volcanic Eruptions of the Past 100 Years

Volcanic eruptions are natural phenomena that usually take place in volcanic mountains. Though we are aware of these occurrences, sometimes the volcanic eruptions have led to deadly scenarios. Below are some examples of deadly volcanic eruptions that have ever witnessed.

Deadliest Volcanic Eruptions of the Past 100 Years

1. 19 May 1919 Mount Kelud, Java, Indonesia

More than 5,000 people were killed on 19 May, 1919 when one of the deadliest volcanic eruptions shocked the entire Indonesia especially at Kelud. Kelud is a well known for its huge explosive eruptions throughout the entire history, according to sources there are more than 28 eruptions occurred during the past 1000 years.

According to the Indonesian Government most recent eruptions held in 1951, 1966, 1990, and 2007 and following 2014, but the deadliest eruption in Kelud was held in 19 May 1919 where thousands of people lost their life and many left Kelud after that eruption.

2. 18 Jan 1951 Mount Lamington, Papua New Guinea

18 Jan 1951 was a worst day for the people of Papua New Guinea where more than 3,000 people lost their life after having a deadliest eruption which rises around 1680m above the coastal plain north of the Owen Stanley Range. This eruption began at night and then after three days it destroyed badly the large area of the northern side of the mountain.

Among the ever deadly volcanic eruptions, this eruption covered the area of around 12 km from its beginning point. More than 5,000 people were forced to homeless and around 3,000 people were badly burned to death by this blast.

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3. 4 Dec 1951 Mount Hibok-Hibok Camiguin Island Philippines

Hibok-Hibok is well known as dangerous area for living through the entire history. This area was filled by many earthquakes, landslides dome building followed by nuee ardente. There were two volcanic eruptions before the deadliest eruption was held on 4 Dec 1951.

This eruption is known as one of the worst eruptions in the history of mankind where it released deadliest poisonous gases and boiling Java followed by landslides to destroy the 19 kilometres area in Mambajao. “One of the most shocking facts about this eruption is that before the eruption of Hibok-Hibok in 1951 the population of Camiguin was reaching to 70,000 and after this incident it was reduced to around 35,000 where almost 3,000 people were killed and around 32,000 people migrated”

4. 18 Feb 1963 Mount Agung Bali Indonesia

Indonesia is having a long history of major deadliest eruptions through the entire history and the same happened on 18 Feb 1963 when local people heard huge volcanic eruptions which shook the entire Agung Bali within no time and then people saw clouds rising from the crater of Mount Agung.

After that incident next 25 days were quite hard for this area as lava began flowing down to the mountain and covered 7 km area and on the other hand more than 1500 people lost their life and many were made homeless by this eruption.

5. 18 May 1980 Mount St Helens Washington USA

18 May 1980 was a disaster day for the people of Mount St. Helens when at 8:35 Sunday morning when volcanic eruptions shook Mount St. Helens very badly and scorched 230 square miles of forest. This deadliest eruption was one the worst incident happened in the USA as economy was badly hit by this incident.

More than 55 people were killed in this eruption but according to Government officials USA had faced the most economically destructive volcanic event in the history of the United States.

6. 28 March 1982 EL Chichon Mexico

El Chichon faced the largest deadliest eruption in the modern history of Mexico where almost 2,000 people were killed and lost their life. According to the Wikipedia these volcanic eruptions affected over 24,000 km area and the land covered by this incident in dept was around 40 cm.

This eruption changed the climate of EL Chichon badly as this area did not see any cooling after this incident. Many geologists already warned before this eruption but the Gov did show the lack of preparation.

7. 13 Nov 1985 Nevado Del Ruiz (Armero), Colombia

One of the deadliest volcanic eruptions ever seen in the history of mankind, this eruption claimed the lives of more than 23,000 people were killed and later on this eruption was named Armero tragedy.

 In 1545 and 1845 our earth faces same kind of eruptions but the death trolls were less than this eruption.

8. 2 Apr 1991 Mount Pinatubo Luzon Philippine

After 1912 eruption of Novarupta the Mount Pinatubo Luzon eruption is the second deadliest of volcanic eruptions of the 20th century. Many geologists predicted about this eruption before this incident took place. According to Gov report more than 855 people were killed after this eruption and many were made homeless.

Due to poor sanitation this eruption damaged healthcare facilities and spread illnesses and many other problems.

Visiting volcanic mountains can be a good experience, but this experience may turn out to be so dangerous during volcanic eruptions.

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