10 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters

These worst celebrity plastic surgery disasters are a warning sign for all those who are looking for a major change in their looks.

In a move to maintain a cute and youthful look, various celebrities have gone to extents of doing plastic surgery on various parts of their bodies. Time and again you get them visiting surgeon offices, but most often you find them in awfully looking faces. Plastic surgery disasters? This is the most frequent question being asked when these celebrities come out plastic surgery uglier than before.

Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters

Plastic surgery is meant to mold people into an attractive and younger piece of things, but in some cases, you get that the process does not go as intended. People come out even uglier than their initial appearances. Below is the list of top ten Worst Plastic Surgery Disasters.

1. Tara Reid

She was best known for the role she played in high school sweetheart Vicky. Hewer, Tara Reid is currently known for her ‘plastic surgery disasters’ on her breasts. She underwent a plastic surgery in 2004 on her breasts but the procedure left lots of bumpy scars on her breasts.

She once acknowledged that her plastic surgery procedure did not go well as it not only spoilt her breasts bit it also left her belly bulgy.

2. Donatella Versace

Another shocking case of a well documented story of ‘plastic surgery disasters’ is that of Donatella, 54, Vice president of Versace-the high-fashion brand. Donatella has undergone a series of surgeries since 1990s. The surgeries have left her with lots of modifications to her body among these changes include tampered lips and nose.

Though there are no evidence suggesting that Donatella herself is not happy with her plastic surgery, the appearance left on her body has always many of her supporters wondering whether she could happy with such a bungled appearance.

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3. Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyn Wildenstein, Active New York socialite got married to a wealthy art-dealing family and because of this wealth she started to experiment life-with modifications to her body through plastic surgery. She is reported to have spent a whopping $4 million on numerous plastic surgery procedures, which are thought to include numerous face lifts and cheek implants.

Photos on her new look have led her to be nick-named “Bride of Wildenstein,” or “cat woman “. Her taut, feline-like look simply leaves many to contemplate the truth behind the phrase “plastic surgery disasters”.

4. Kelly Bensimon

The former ambassador for wool and model, Kelly Bensimon, was attacked by the media in 2008 for her badly misshapen breasts. She has since had a run-in with both domestic violence and copyright infringement, but the fact remains that she has never bothered to go for a reconstructive surgery to correct her disfigured breasts.

Photos of her chest are a revelation of the extent at which plastic surgery disasters have reached.

5. Jennifer Grey

Jennifer Grey is well remembered for her once flick–loving face while on stage performing. She hoped to have a plastic surgery on her face so as to look more pleasing, unfortunately her procedure did not go as intended. The rhinoplasty she thought would elevate her during casting reduced her to mainly made-for-TV films.

The facial changes on Jenniffer cast doubts on the effectiveness of plastic surgery and as such many have been left with the phrase plastic surgery gone wrong. Her beautiful face suggests that on her case it would be difficult to agree with the phrase “plastic surgery disasters”.

6. La Toya Jackson

The phrase “Plastic surgery disasters”, is best remembered for what it did to Michael Jackson and his former wife, La Toya Jackson. The couple had an open tumultuous relationship because Jackson molested her child, and she withdrew her support on him during the case.

Despite this, it is evident that they shared they had chin and cheek implants, as well as the famous pointed nose.

7. Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling played a major role in the second season in lovable Donna Martin. However, one thing that was evident in this film was her deformed breasts characterized by chest depression. When asked by the media on whether she had done plastic surgery, she bitterly denied.  Among the plastic surgery disasters? It is a question you can’t find a straight answer when you look at the new appearance of her breasts.

In 2008, Spelling finally confessed to Entertainment Weekly that she wanted to come clean that she had her boobs done in her 20s because she felt that people who falsely writing that she had had all those things done. She later added that indeed she had two procedures that probably every woman in holy wood would like to have.

8. Lara Flynn Boyle

Few people could be aware of what plastic surgery has done to Lara, a TV star’s face. She has been best known for her long run on The Practice from 1997 -2003.

However, from photos you can simply tell that the 39-year-old has to struggle working up her cheek muscles over time not to lose her smile. The changes in her body became too apparent during her stint on law & order in 2008.

9. Scott “Carrot Top” Thompson

It is not by coincidence that the red-haired comedian is listed in “Top 10 list of plastic surgery disasters’’. According to Anthony Youl’s comments in MakeMeHeal.com, it seems that Thompson had undergone eyebrow lift, as well as Botox injections, laser peels and lip plumbing, and this is evidenced in his sudden lack of freckles.

It is also rumored that his sudden muscular physique could be as a result of usage of steroids.

10. Mickey Rourke

Plastic surgery disasters! Hey Mickey, you’re not okay anymore! Fans were puzzled by his new appearance when he turned up in the movie -The Wrestler. The former boxer and screenwriter which left him deformed.

According to doctor Youn, some plastic surgeries can make a person serious consequence on the body. Some of the side effects on his body include scars in front of his ears, sideburns and wispy and continuously forward moving hairline.

Plastic surgery is new phenomenon which at times has brought smiles to many people whose figures were tampered with by either injury or diseases. However, as we have seen this exercise cannot always go as intended more so when done over and over again or otherwise it is misused. Misuse of plastic surgery has led to the above and many other cases of plastic surgery disasters.

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