20 Ugliest Celebrities You Have Ever Seen

We don’t say anyone is ugly but upon public response we have curated this list of ugliest celebrities you have ever seen.

It has been a trend in the world that people are classified as beautiful, handsome or ugly. There are many celebrities who are famous due to the ugly looks.

Ugliest Celebrities You Have Ever Seen

Below is a collection of top 20 ugliest celebrities in the world.

20. Clint Howard

No, there is no any syndrome! But he’s just one among the Ugliest Celebrities. However, this ugly look is what made him become so famous in the world.

Clinton Howard was born in 1959 and later became an actor. He received an MTV award in 1998 for his achievements. He married two wives to show that appearance doesn’t matter anything to marriage.

19. Marilyn Manson

From his ghost-like make to his black collar, everything is just a mess. He is ugly by choice and nothing more!

What is so fascinating about him is that he is not only ugly but also scares people with his looks.

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18. Michael Jackson

If you are looking for the Ugliest Celebrities, then Michael Jackson must be in that list. Michael was a very successful black singer, but decided to undergo plastic surgery in order to look white.

However, the operation didn’t go well as Michael’s appearance turned to be like that of an albino whose nose kept on changing shape on a daily basis and he became one of the ugliest celebrities.

17. Michael Berryman

Michael Berryan was born in LA, and later became an actor. Unfortunately, he developed a syndrome known as Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia that left him with no hair, sweet glands, finger nails and teeth. The syndrome made him one of the ugliest celebrities.

He appeared in several shows, including horror film in 1977, My Science Project (1985), Armed Response (1986), Weird Science (1985), and Evil Spirits (1990).

16. DJ Qualls

Just like Berryman, DJ Qualls also suffered from a rare condition known as Hodgkin’s lymphoma (which is a form of cancer) at the age of 14 years.

He undergoes a two-year surgery, radiation treatments, chemotherapy and other treatments. His cancer went on remission but left him so tiny.

15. Marty Feldman

Marty Feldman was an English writer; BAFTA award winning actor and comedian was notable for his bulging eyes. It was discovered that his bulging eyes were as a result of a thyroid condition called Graves Disease which made him one of the ugliest celebrities.

During his time, he wrote several comedies some of which frequently featured on BBC, and later on he started his own comedy series on BBC called Marty.

14. Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyn Wildenstein is a wife of the wealthy husband from Switzerland. She has become a celeb for her ugly looks and known as one of the ugliest celebrities.

She is currently nicknamed “the pride of Wildenstein“due to her ugly looks. It is alleged that her husband has spent over US $4,000,000 on doing cosmetic surgery on her over the past few years.

13. Shane MacGowan

Shane MacGowan is commonly known as the original songwriter and singer with the Pogues.

He is probably one of the most important poetic Irish writers over the last 30 years.

12. Lyle Lovett

Lyle must have bribed someone otherwise; how would he have got into acting industry?

This compounded by the fact that Julia got married to this-one of Ugliest Celebrities, is a proof that he could be using some charm.

11. Kelis

Go to hell…we thought Ugliest Celebrities do not exist in our land!

There has been rumour around that Kelis is not even a lady but a man. Every time she opens her mouth, she scares people. Oh, this is a beast chick.

10. Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop was best known for his Rock singeing, song writing, and occasional acting in the late 1960s and 1970s. Oh you were wondering about Ugliest Celebrities?

Iggy Pop could smear raw meat over his chest or he could at times cut himself with broken bottles; and so, he could look so ugly.

9. Steven Tyler

Looking for Ugliest Celebrities? No have a look at this dude here! He simply looks like a zombie. He is just a fantastic singer, cool guy; a father of one of the beautiful girls in Hollywood.

All these compounded with his colossal money makes him a dream of every woman.

8. Courtney Love

If you thought Ugliest Celebrities were as a result of some syndromes only, then you are wrong. Courtney is an example of becoming ugly because of abuse of drugs.

7. Donatella Versace

Although talented, rich and famous, Donatella is not different from Ugliest Celebrities. She is too as ugly as hell.

6. Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse, an English jazz, soul and R&B songwriter and singer is another drug victim. She looks ugly with her nude-girls tattoos on her body.

5. Ronaldinho

Ronaldinho was once the world’s finest player. He is talented but one of the ugliest celebrities. His face, teeth and smile are all ugly.

4. Kelly Osbourne

Her British accent is cute and we love her personality. But frankly saying, Kelly Osbourne is simply an ugly and annoying brat. Her weight is not our concern because it keeps on fluctuating now and then, but our concern is one who can complete our list of ugliest celebrities.

3. Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling is another example of ugliest celebrities. Her dad, Aaron is the one who integrated her into acting business, but he indeed ruined our lives by doing so.

In fact, most people get scared once they see her on TV and some of them even go as far as switching of their TVs because of her ugly looks.

2. Rachel Dratch

Rachel Dratch, a great actress who has performed at different stages also finds a place on our list of top 20 ugliest celebrities due to her appearance.

1. Rosie O’Donnell

She is simply a bully, but what led her to be listed here is her ugly appearance.

You have read the information of the ugliest celebrities and other than that you can also get information on the other things which are weird or shocking. On our website, we have gathered the information of many weird and shocking things. Don’t Miss the Bittersweet Love Affair Between 15 Fat Celebrities and Food

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