10 of the World’s Ugliest Dogs 2022

We have seen some very cute breeds of dog but today we are sharing the some of the ugliest dogs in the world.

For a long period, dogs have continued to enjoy a close relationship with human beings. Most families find it necessary to have one or more dogs as their pets. Dogs are good for security, and at times they are kept as companions to human beings. Though not a normal thing to classify pets as either beautiful, handsome or ugly there have been a few cases where people come out to have a competition in which pets are either classified as beautiful or ugly. Just like human beings, there are dogs which are beautiful to watch and others are ugly.

There are many reasons why a dog is classified as ugly. Other dogs are born with some genes in which a dog is born with various disabilities or it could be as a result of abandonment of dogs from the owners leading to injuries and infection of flies.

10 of the World’s Ugliest Dogs 2022

All these factors are responsible for mutilating the normal appearance of dogs from their natural beauty to something many are now calling ugliest dogs. Below is a list of the world’s ugliest dogs.

10. S”Ug” No More

Ugly Dog

In fact, Ug’s is face is something nobody except his mother who will love to see it. The 2-year old who is half blind was found abandoned at an animal shelter in England before being helped by well wishers. He finally declared Britain’s ugliest dog in 2010, prompting hundreds of people to flock Mayflower animal orphanage with inquiries and the view to adopt him. In April 2010, a 35-year old mother of two was declared the successful bidder to assume the parents of the dog.

After completing his adoption, the first business order on him was a proposal for changing his name from -”Ug” to a kinder name-”Doug”. Though considered to be something useless by the initial owners due to his ugly body, Ug went against all odds when he was finally declared the winner of these dogs’ competition and turning to be a source of income to his new adopted parents.

9. Sam, Crypt-Keeper Dog

Sam, Crypt-Keeper Dog

A 14-year-old Sam found itself among the world’s ugliest dogs when it sadly suffered from a myriad of health problems. He suffered from these problems and finally succumbed to death in November 2005.

8. Munchkin the Mystery Mutt

Mystery Mutt Ugly Dog

Munchkin is another dog which has so far won many competitions for these dogs. Perhaps, this dog is the most decorated one in our recent history.

The munchkin has found itself featured in most TVs and print media from across the world. It has been declared that her breed is absolutely indeterminable, prompting her vet to call her “Canardly”-meaning “can hardly tell her nature”. When walking, Munchikin snorts loudly, and above all her gray hair around her neck looks so frightening.

7. Elwood: Don’t Feed After Midnight

World's Ugliest Dogs

In 2007, we were introduced by Elwood during the World’s ugliest dog competition. A 2-year old Chinese dog was declared a winner of that competition leading to moments of happiness to the owners.

The owners were awarded a prize of $1000 for presenting the world with an ugly dog. A prize of such a magnitude can only be thought to come from noble investments are more meaningful competitions or sports. But this is what happened with Elwood, who against all odds was declared winner and got rewarded for being ugly. This is very interesting!

6. Representing Great Britain: Hubble

Ugly Dog

Hubble found himself without a home immediately he was born, and was found stranded in a shelter near Leeds, UK. At the age of eight, he was declared the ugliest dog in the world after emerging victorious from a group of other ugliest dog.

5. Rascal: It’s In the Genes

Rascal Dog

Rascal is an extension of a long lineage of ugliest dog. Both his grandfather, grandmother, were all declared winners of ugliest dog competitions. The intriguing thing with Rascal is that, his grandfather is recorded in the Guinness books of the world as the only dog to have won an award of ugly dog of all time. This dog is naturally hairless and is covered with warts and spots.

4. Gus’s Last Stand

Gus's Last Stand

It is sad, but that is the truth! Gus was rescued with three legs, one eye and suffering from cancer. Despite all this, in a competition featuring ugliest dogs in 2008, Gus were declared the winner.

While at the age of 9, this Chinese dog was rescued from a home where he was abandoned and later lost his leg through cancer while his left eye was chopped off by a cat. Sadly, he didn’t live long enough to enjoy his tag of ugly dog in the world as he succumbed to cancer five months after winning the competition.

3. Pabst Wins Blue Ribbon

Ugliest Dogs

The owners of Pabst could not hold their joy when their worthless dog while at a competition held in California in 2009, was able to beat all other participants and clinched a title of world’s ugliest dog. He was just 4 years old when he was named the ugliest dog in the world.

2. All Hail Princess Abby

All Hail Princess Abby Dog

A Chihuahua, Princess Abby, with a curved spine, oddly-twisted hind legs and a perpetually-squinting left eye, finds itself as the most recent dog to have won a competition of the world’s ugliest dog. Princess was declared the winner in a competition held in northern California in 2010.  The dog was rescued by its owner while at the age of four years after it was abandoned and infested with ticks and flies.

1. The Infamous Miss Ellie

The Infamous Miss Ellie

While at the age of 17, This Southern Belle was declared the winner in a competition for ugliest dog in the world in 2009. Miss Ellie, a Chinese dog got adopted while at the age of ten, but it was because she looks she got tremendous media attention. In 2010, she was put in a competition for world’s ugliest dogs, but sadly she died some few months later before she took part in more competitions.

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