9 Shocking Deep Sea Fish and Creatures

You may have watched giant deadly fish in The Mig but it was a movie. What if I tell you such shocking deep sea fish and creatures do exist.

Shocking Deep Sea Fish and Creatures

It is really nice to get into the ocean to see some amazing creatures living in it. The ocean is so big that you can’t imagine and it is home to millions of creatures. Variety of creatures lives in the ocean, ranging from beautiful to horrible ones. Below is a list of top 10 horrible deep sea fish.

9. Fangtooth

A crazy deep sea fish is the fangtooth (which is also known as Anoplogaster Cornuta). Despite it looks just like a monster, it can only grow to 6 inches in length. Its head is so large, but its body is slightly smaller.

The name “fangtooth’’ was derived from its long, sharp teeth on its over-sized mouth. The adults and juveniles are not of the same body color. The juveniles are black in color while the adults are light grey in color. The food is so scarce in deep sea so, the fangtooth eats anything that comes on the way.

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8. Dragon Fish

The dragon fish is a known to be a ferocious predator despite of its small size. It belongs to the crazy deep sea fish. This fish has a large head, a big mouth with many sharp teeth.

The length of the body of an adult dragon fish is about six inches long. Attached to its chin is a barbell on which a photophore (light producing organ) is tipped. It is though the waving back and forth of the photophore that the dragon fish lures smaller fish for prey.

7. Viperfish

Can be found at 80-1600 meters below the sea, The Viperfish is one of the horrible looking deep-sea fish. Some of the viperfish are black and contain light organs (known as photophores) placed in strategic positions on their bodies.

On the other hand, there are other viperfish which don’t have any pigment at all; they simply transparent with enlarged eyes.

6. Angler

The angler (also called as Melanocetusjohnsoni) is a crazy-looking deep-sea fish that lives deep into the sea. It has a body that resembles a basketball. Its large mouth has very sharp and fang-like teeth. The angler has earned another name- “common black devil’’ due to its appearance.

It doesn’t grow beyond a length of five inches. The name “angler’’ is derived from its long and modified dorsal spine-tipped with a photophore (light producing organ). Just like other deep sea fish, the angler also uses its photophore to lure other fish for prey. The angler will snap its prey with its powerful jaws once the prey comes closer to it.

5. Giant Isopod

The giant isopod (scientifically known as Bathynomusgiganteus), is the biggest animal from the isopod family and it is a deep sea fish. Its appearance closely resembles that of the small pillbugs commonly found in the garden.

This is a carnivorous deep sea fish that spends most of its time scavenging in the floor of the deep sea. Since food is obviously scarce at these lengths of the sea, the Isopod has adapted to eat any food that comes its way. You can find isopods all over the world at the depths of about 2000 feet of the seas.

4. Long-nosed Chimaera

The long-nosed Chimaera (commonly referred as the Harriotta Raleighana by the biologists) can grow to the lengths of about five feet long. It contains a stiletto-like nose which resembles the famous `nose contour in a supersonic jet aircraft’. For some obvious reasons, some people have dubbed this deep sea fish as a `rattail’ fish.

If you go to South Africa, this fish is commonly known as ghost shark’, though it is not closely related to sharks. The venom on the spine of its first dorsal fin is able to kill a person at the first touch, although this incidence is very rare considering that this crazy deep sea fish can only be found at 8000 feet down the sea.

3. Gulper Eel

The Gulper is one of the largest animals in the world and is able to reach a length of over 60 feet. In fact, there is little information known about this mysterious deep sea fish because none of it is seen alive in the world today.

Most of the information we have has been deduced from the dead skeleton washed up the shore or pulled to the ground by fishermen’s nets. These animals are known to be carnivores and can therefore eat anything that comes in their way. Some unconfirmed reports suggest that these deep sea fish have at certain times invaded small boats and pulled out people for prey.

2. Coffin fish

The body of the coffin fish contains a flabby body and long tail both covered with small spines. The mouth of this deep sea fish is black in color and contains a lining as well as an illicium on the snout which can be lowered into a groove.

The coffin fish can only grow about 10cm of length. Commonly, this species is found in the eastern Indian Ocean and the central Indian Ocean.

1. Vampire Squid

The vampire squid (commonly known as Vampyroteu this infernal is by the scientists), has an appearance that resembles something swam out of mid-night fiction movie. It contains large fins on its body which resemble large ears. Its gelatinous form makes it resemble the jellyfish when compared to the common squid.

This deep sea fish contains the largest ever eyes of any animal. It has scary appearance and the vampire squid grows to a length of about six inches. Just like other deep sea fish, the vampire squid contain photophores through which it lures its prey. The vampire squid is normally found at 3000 feet deep into the sea. The arms of the vampire squid are covered with very sharp a tooth-like spine, which gives this fish its name. The vampire squid can swim at very high speed slated at two body lengths per second and its acceleration is just five seconds.

Here is the information of deep sea fish which is not commonly known by the people but we have collected it for the information of the people who want to know. You can also become aware of some other amazing things in the world from our website.

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