Top 10 Expensive Diamonds in the World

Diamonds are always attractable for people to marginalize in the world. Mostly diamonds are existed in those areas where people are belonged to high class and they afford diamonds jewelry. There is coloration of top ten expensive and Expensive Diamonds in the World. The given information are erudite to people more attract from these Expensive Diamonds and they get information in all over the world.

These top 10 diamonds are more expensive but the fact is that they show their own value, no doubt their prices are high but quality is also matter.

10. Moussaieff Red Diamond $20 Million

Expensive Diamonds

In 1990s a Brazilian Farmer discovered one of the Expensive Diamonds; its weight is 13.9 carats. Its alternative name is Red Shield Diamond; its shape is organized with brilliant triangular cut and covered with red color. This is the largest red diamond in all over the world. Estimated value of this diamond is $ 20 million. Moussaieffs are famous for their purchase of items and rocks they lately paid $7.98 million for a glowing blue precious stone which considered a 6.04 size.

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