Top 10 Expensive Diamonds in the World

7. Princie Diamond $40 Million

Expensive Diamonds

The biggest elegant light pink Golconda precious stone ever to be provided at public auction has marketed for almost $40 thousand $10 thousand more than its approximated cost, establishing a new history in the procedure.  The 34.65-carat Princie Diamond marketed for US$39.3 thousand (A$38m) at a Christie’s public auction in New York are able to last Wednesday. The selling cost obtained a new history for the most precious precious stone ever marketed at Christie’s, exceeding the past home history of $24.3 thousand (A$23.5m) set in Dec 2008 with the selling of the Wittelsbach Expensive Diamonds. It is also now the most precious Golconda precious stone to ever offer at public auction.

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