12 Unluckiest Moments Caught On Camera

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What comes into your mind when you hear of unluckiest moments caught in camera? Everyone has directly or indirectly been involved in unlucky moments once in his or her lifetime. It could be an accident involving a vehicle, a bicycle, or it could be any form of accident when playing your normal sporting activity.

Unluckiest Moments Caught On Camera

In most cases, unlucky moments happen without the knowledge of anyone and therefore it comes in a surprise. We only come to hear of such incidences when they are reported in the news and we are only shown the aftermath of the accident or occurrence.

It is very hard to actually be able to record all the happenings right from the beginning to the end. This can shock you! In this article you will see 12 unluckiest moments caught on camera.

12. Caught by the bull

This man seems to like he was playing with this bull and now was trying to escape the bull through the fence after being overwhelmed by the bull. But, it is like this bull actually caught him before he escaped and unfortunately threw him into the air so as to kill him. This man almost died had it not for his friends who helped him.

Unluckiest Moments Caught by the bull

Some of these sports are really dangerous since bull like this one can cause havoc to the players. Some of the players have been reported to have been disabled and others end up dying. (image source)

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