7 Best Memes You Have Ever Seen

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Memes are used to express various ideas in our day-to-day life. But, sometimes memes might turn out to become so dangerous if they are not carefully designed.

Most Dangerous Memes

The following are top best memes you have ever seen on the internet.

7. Gallon Smashing

Gallon smashing has also found itself being listed among the best memes trending on the internet. In the year 2013, this game became a really hit on YouTube.


The idea involved in this game is simple: A teen is made to walk to the supermarket with a friend who is tasked to film the episode where a teen is picking two gallons of juice, milk or simply anything on the way and afterwards the teen pretends to fall and smashing all the gallons to the ground.

The dangers that can come out of this game are obvious to see. There is a possibility of gallons hitting shoppers as they fall down and as a result causing injuries or law suit against the offender.

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