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7 Best Memes You Have Ever Seen


3. The Slender Man

Though the slender man is not a danger by itself, the myth of this game has led to it being classified under the most best memes on the internet.

This meme is a creation of an awful thing from Eric Knudsen. It first appeared in 2009, and featured an unnaturally tall man appearing faceless and wearing a suit.

The Slender Man

The man is also featured with long tentacle –like arms that he is able to extend them in attempts to capture his prey. Above all, the man is known to abduct, stalk or traumatize people, especially young children.

The myth surrounding this meme has led to various cases of violence across the world. In May 2014, there was a case where two 12-year-old girls from Wisconsin nearly stabbed their friend with an objective of offering a sacrifice to the slender man.


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