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7 Best Memes You Have Ever Seen


2. The Cinnamon Challenge

Since 2001, The Cinnamon Challenge has been trending online and has since increased its popularity with the advent of YouTube.

By the end of 2012, this challenge had got to top gear when about 70,000 twitter mentions were recorded per day. Since then, there has been lots of video uploads taking place every day.

The Cinnamon Challenge

The main aim of this challenge is swallowing of a spoonful of ground cinnamon in a span of a minute without drinking anything. Absolutely correct! This challenge is one of such best memes that can really cause a lot of damage to people. Lots of cinnamon in the body is not digestible without a lot of water in the body. Inhalation of dust, teens can lead to the risk of scarring or inflaming their lungs.

Though there have never been cases of death reported, cases of injury out of this game are really shocking. There was a case of Michigan teen Dejah who spent days in hospital after sustaining infections and collapsed lung due to his participation in the challenge.


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