9 Most Amazing Brochure Designs You Have Ever Seen

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A brochure is actually a piece of a paper that needs to be eye catching and really attractive so that it can attract the customers from its color combinations and its unique designing.

Most Amazing Brochure Designs

Here are some of the best brochure designs below:

9. Criminology and Criminal Justice Brochure

An Australian University, Griffith was looking for an outstanding brochure of Criminology and Criminal Justice for the high school students to graduate.

Criminology and Criminal Justice Brochure

For that purpose a local Australian ad agency was given a task to make an amazing brochure design for the university, the agency comes up with totally new ideas of reinventing the wheel, they have totally changed the concept of traditional brochures and add some tools which are helpful in the field of Criminology.

This brochure was later on added in the list of most amazing brochures design list.

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