Top 10 Best Indian Restaurants You Must Visit

Asian foods are super delicious and tasty. If you ever visit India, we suggest you must visit these best Indian restaurants and try their food.

Best Indian Restaurants

The world is having of late seen a mushrooming of some of the most mouthwatering restaurants ever seen. India has not been left behind when it comes to this front. In recent surveys, some of India’s restaurants have been categorized as one of the best in the world. Here are some of the best Indian restaurants in the world.

10. Wasabi by Morimoto (The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai)

Wasabi by Morimoto, the award-winning restaurant is an Indian restaurant that is ranked as India’s most exclusive Japanese haute cuisine place. The main places of activity here are wasabi and teppanyaki counters. Fitted with some of the beautiful ambience made of wooden traditional Japanese joinery walls combined with a classic of drifting cherry blossoms. This restaurant specializes in Japanese beer, rice wine, guacamole Pani Puri along with iberico ham with figs and crab samosas.

9. Bukhara (Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi)

The Bukhara is another Indian restaurant that sells cuisine `tendoor’ oven with more emphasis on kebabs. The main specialty in this restaurant is Indian foods and cuisines from the northern India. This restaurant has seen many powerful personalities visit it and the most famous one was the time the U.S secretary of state Hillary Clinton visited here in 2009. Since that time of her visit, the “Hillary platter” became part of the menu. This was in line with “presidential platter”- a menu based on the non-vegetarian dish ordered by bill Clinton when he visited some years back. It was also consistent with the “Chelsea platter”-a vegetarian menu ordered by Chelsea Clinton. Specialty here is Dal makhani

8. Indigo Restaurant (Mumbai)

This lovely Indian restaurant is possibly the ideal place for all food lovers. Located away from the busy streets, this is an amazingly decorated place which is highly calm, romantic and peaceful. Just like its serene environment, the food here is so nice. Pork ribs and other amazing cuisines is something you would probably not want to miss.

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7. Koh Restaurant (Mumbai )

Opened in august by Ian Kittichai, a famous chef from New York, Koh is one of the newest Indian restaurants with a specialty in rice cakes, coconut cheese cake, green curry yum and the Hamachi.  The technology is here is one of the best and some of the foods cooked are top quality and up there with the best in the world. This Indian restaurant is one you need to find time and spend your holiday at.

6. Travertino (The Oberoi, New Delhi)

Listed as one of the most expensive restaurants in the world by Forbes magazine, Travertino is an Indian restaurant that serves the best Italian foods in India. The technology of the restaurant is one of the best in which the wine cellar is designed in such a way that it opens into a dining area.The specialty of this restaurant is a signature truffle dish which encompasses Umbrian black trufflewhite fish, risotto with fresh Umbrian black truffle, and the tagliolini with pancetta.

5. Zen (Leela Palace, Bangalore)

With Balinese, Thai, Korean, Singaporean and Japanese specialties, Zen is an Indian restaurant that will in fact make your wonderful day with these wonderful meals. This pink-hued hotel is fitted with a special counter setting in which you can get seated and enjoy your Korean or sushi barbeque. Specialty – Korean Soju, Sushi or a Korean barbeque or Japanese Sake.

4. Villa 39 (Colaba, Mumbai)

Fitted with all crisp white interior, its silver rococo columns, its low lighting and its chandeliers, Villa 39 is an Indian restaurant that is perhaps one of the most attractive hotels in the world. It specifically serves Italian foods and it has become one of the must-seen restaurants in India.

Specialty – the Terrina di Mozzarella Caprese (mozzarella pesto and tomato) and The Carpaccio di Manzo (beef carpaccio).

3. Karavali (The Taj, Residency Road, Bangalore)

Karavali is an Indian restaurant that was reentry nominated as one of the finest restaurants in India as well as in the whole of Asia. The design of the hotel is made in such a way that it resembles a Mangalorean home with antique lamps, wooden ceilings and furniture. It specializes in tantalizing South Indian cuisine as well as sea food such as the Alleppey fish curry.

Specialty – the Alleppy fish curry and Coorg fried chicken.

2. Italia (The Park Hotel, Chennai)

The park hotel is an Indian restaurant in Chennai. There are quite a few names associated with it such as top chef Antonio Carluccio and Chef Rajesh and top chef Antonio Carluccio who’s a regular on BBC food programs. With this restaurant, you will have a true taste of Italy because of its imported parmesan, rosciutto and wooden-oven pizzas, delicate homemade pastas, succulent seafood, and a wide range of vegetarian dishes.

Specialty – risotto with roasted chicken, baked asparagus, and Tiramisu.

1. Sakura – (The Metropolitan Hotel, Nikko, New Delhi)

Located in New Delhi, sakura is a top-notch Indian restaurant that has got its name in the best hotels of the world. They specialize in Japanese foods and most of the foods especially fish are imported from Japan as they are not found in India. Because of their specialty and quality of food they produce here, the hotel has earned itself a nick-name- “Best Japanese Restaurant of Delhi’. Specialty – Vegetable tempura.

The world is full of restaurants with different specialties and different levels of food preparation. India has been one of the few countries whose restaurants who in spite of fierce competition have lived up with their associated hype and are now included in the world’s top-quality restaurants. The above Indian restaurants are some of the best restaurants you will get in the world and be assured that you won’t regret having gone there.

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